Wednesday 16 October 2013

Dear Blogger - Part 1

The cardinal sin that bloggers seem to hate, is receiving an unsolicited press release on email.

No personal intro, no advice on what is expected, no mention of any remuneration.  Oh and no mention of any samples either.  Literally just a press release.

So the question Dear Blogger is do you

a) ignore
b) read
c) delete
d) all of the above?

Or, do you E, think outside the box and F, reply!!!! Yeah, reply, don't be shy!

Nice girls get nowt!

So, here's an illustration, I was in a cafe with Aaron the other day, and reading emails on my phone, as you do.  Reading emails on the phone, makes it VERY easy, to hit delete, as the view is smaller, so you don't necessarily see who the sender is, and find yourself saying "bloody press release" [delete].

However, my gut instinct came into play and I decided to reply and say "do you have any samples available?".  Thankfully the answer was yes and IT arrived yesterday! I was IMPRESSED!

Hey, I am glad I did, as I now have a really really funky addition to my kitchen.

So now I am doing the other cardinal sin in blogging; I am writing about a freebie that was under £5.  It retails at £1.89 to be precise.  AND I am not being paid to do so.  I clearly need to watch the video below, but I will come onto that later.  Stay with me for now.

If I hadn't replied, if I hadn't been sent this freebie, I would never have discovered THIS:

Look at this AWESOMENESS:

The Round Kitchen Towel

I photograph it here with my Tesco finest* hamper because it is sold EXCLUSIVELY at Tesco!

Round? Eh? Looks like a column with a pyramid on the top?

Ah so THAT is why they say it is ROUND!

Use it with my latest favourite cleaning product from Mr Muscle, and it keeps my other latest favourite Ikea gadget (my dish drainer) free of water stains! Win win!

Gok would be happy = It looks good naked!!!

So, when you're sent info on a product that retails at £1.89 in this case, or maybe £3, £4, or £5 don't always dismiss it out of hand :-)

Oh and the video I mentioned above:


Oh and here is the official BLURB, AKA as a press release:

What’s Hot In The Kitchen This Winter?
                                                                     -With Ora Even The Kitchen Towel Has Style!-
(available exclusively at Tesco)

Ora Standard

It’s not unusual for Brits up and down the country to spend hundreds of pounds a time on the absolute latest kitchen gadgets and accessories to make the ultimate style-statement in the home.

Who doesn’t want their kitchen to be functional and beautiful?  From coffee machines and retro mixers to funky chopping boards, there are plenty of good looking items to choose from and this also applies to those must-have everyday household essentials.  

Now the less than elegant kitchen towel has also had a makeover with the inspirational round (yes round!) kitchen towel – Ora.  Designed to stack neatly in its quirky, cone-shaped packaging it’s certain to add a little form and function to the humble kitchen towel – and kitchen!

But as with the aesthetic aspect of all statement pieces, style and substance go hand-in-hand, which is where Ora kitchen towel has not only produced a great-looking product, but something which is fast becoming the indispensable household item.
single sheet_black BG
Once the ‘grab with one hand’ individually folded round sheets have been revealed you will think again before going back to the square continuous roll which requires both hands to tear!  And with twice as many sheets to a standard kitchen roll – it’s a win win.

So, if a splash of personality runs through your kitchen then Ora kitchen towel is the ideal practical item to keep in the kitchen without ruining the look and feel of the backdrop.

Available exclusively at Tesco.

And a final note from me.  If you are a bit of a geek, like myself, here is how they got it from a concept to the shelves in just 12 months - Launching Ora 


  1. Re-commenting X - So anyway, good on you for contacting the PR, as it turns out you got some thing very handy in return, and I have to say those look very useful! Very glad you are going to Blogfest - it will be lovely to see you again. XXX

  2. See I'd have still been peed off if that arrived! I often reply to press releases asking how much they are paying for publication. Very occasionally, they do pay. Then I'm interested. But to me - it would have taken too much of my time to publish a press release, for something I could just go out and buy it for £1.89! If they were sending a years supply, I'd have considered it.

    1. Emma don't get me wrong. I am sitting on something at the moment that I don't want to review for free and it is worth £2.99. I guess the difference was this was sent to me by Tesco who invited me to a FAB food event a week or two ago to launch Tesco finest* and I had two glasses of prosecco there, and came away with the hamper, shown above. So I guess I was feeling a little love towards them and I am SO glad I was, as I would never have discovered this new kitchen gadget otherwise and I can't begin to tell you how cool it is. Been doing housework today and it is so robust and absorbent xxx

  3. Good for you, go for what you fancy I say. I often reply to Press releases and then review good things. Mich x

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