Thursday 17 October 2013

The Super Hero and The Product Hero - Tesco finest* Fusilli Lunghi Col Buco Pasta

So last week as regular readers will know, I went to a Tesco finest* bloggy event and came away with a rather gorgeous Picnic Hamper FULL of Tesco finest* goodies.  It also includes cutlery, plates and a bottle opener :-) For two! Romantic huh!

It's hard to forget about it when I ate so much I did not need dinner that night.  I keep looking at my hamper, and I am working my way through the goodies in there.  The chocolate was inhaled rather quickly and the chutney is a daily (read EVERY DAY) treat, that I get out the cheese and crackers for, just as an excuse! (Note to self: I have finished the crackers = buy more!)  My body is liking a savoury indulgence instead of sugar loaded biscuits etc... It's suiting me - I am looking less bloated and slimmer!

Anyway, the Tesco finest* range has what they call in the (marketing) industry, product heros.  With that word hero in mind, when I met Manu at the event (him below), I kept referring to him as "pasta man", which I think rather tickled his colleagues, as he did after all bring THAT particular product hero to my attention.

So I ended up making a video of him talking about it, which you can view HERE.  Please do so, I will love you forever, and in the description on my video (below it) I give you a link to the corporate video which shows you where in Italy the pasta comes from, and really engages you in the product story and history).

You'll see a lot of the product heros in the advertising campaign that is sitting in and around my favourite programme: Downton Abbey.  They're adverts that really work!

Luckily before I left the event, I got to actually taste it.

This, below, with my big appetite, LOOKED like a small portion, but due to the extra CHEW, which is due to the extra protein, you have to eat slowly, and you fill-up quick.  It must have taken me an AGE to eat the below, and as a result, I was the only blogger left there when everyone else had rushed off to the school run.  I know it'd be perfect for kids, who burn so much energy and as a result need their carbs AND protein; it's a win win!

Anyway, I can't wait to get to Tesco to buy it, as I know Aaron will love it (and it wasn't one of the products in the hamper, tsssskk).  It is however, already in store!  If you or your kids love pasta I can't recommend it enough.  You'll notice the difference.  Manu calls it the best pasta in the UK for a reason!

Oh and this is the Chutney that I have already nearly finished #ooops and the crackers that I have (they are not Tesco though).

Bye for now, I hope you are now watching my video xxx


  1. Ohh that chutney looks amazing!

  2. I never buy chutney, much to my OH's disgust!
    I am not sure what he would say if I put that size portion on his plate but it looks like you had a fab time! We are big Tesco fans.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. It took me about 30 minutes to eat that (the centre of the square plate is like a bowl so there was a lot there). But try it, it has a great chew/bite, is not that dear and is REALLY filling - I can't wait to see if Aaron likes it.
      I have never bought chutney before but will be from now on. I am addicted.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  3. Is it wrong to say I think pasta-man himself looks rather tasty ;)

    1. Well the range IS tasty and IS made by PASSIONATE people *winks*
      YOU need to watch the video I filmed and link through to above x

  4. I really can't believe I haven't tried my chutney yet - guess what's for lunch today?


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