Thursday 24 October 2013

Poetry - The One About The Girl

I was inspired this morning by a blogger over at Verily Victoria Vocalises.

I am joining in with:

Prose for Thought

* The One About The Girl *

I thought you'd have a Sister or perhaps a brother
At least for you to play with, one other
I thought you'd be a girl, but the scan said otherwise
When the Sonographer confirmed, I thought it must be lies

You already had a name, you were my little girl,
Instead in a heartbeat, emotions in a whirl.
For names we had to go back, to the drawing board
And then you became Aaron and my emotions soared.

You see I was a girl Mum, but then you were a boy!
Once I got it in my head, my heart so filled with joy.
I didn't think I'd want to dress a rascal with short hair.
But you know YOU are the best dressed; models beware.

You are the coolest little boy this Mum could ever need,
so is it wrong of me to want my girl, is it just greed?
You see I want you to have someone to hold,
When I get my grey hair and am so very old.

I want you to have a Sister, one that makes you laugh,
I want you to look out for her, on my behalf.
Because you'd make a fab big brother, like you do a son,
Because she would look up to you, like I do, your Mum.

Everyday you make me proud, you push the boundaries,
Now that you are 3 years old, you've even learned to tease.
A sense of humour you've got lots of it, a twinkle in your eye.
I hope our twinkle brings a girl, or perhaps I'll cry.

See Mummy's days of being fertile are probably on the wane,
My hopes of seeing my baby girl are going down the drain.
So let us make a wish today, that we can bring her here.
From that ocean in the sky, I'd like to see her near.

© Original work - Written: by Liska 24/10/13 

It took me 13 minutes to write the above but then 13 has always been a lucky number for me.  We got married on our 13th anniversary.   I had 13 red roses in my wedding bouquet, and 13 in numerology  is a feminine Goddess energy number which is why the number has always been made out to be unlucky - it is NOT! Grasp the power of feminine 13 today, don't delay :-)
Writing the above has made me cry!


  1. I am so interested in what you say about the number 13 being a feminine number. I am going to look this up! 13 minutes for a poem, that has to be a record!

  2. A very sweet and honest poem. Your boy sounds amazing and your love shines through. I truly hope you get your hearts desire x #prose4t

  3. Lovely...I feel you but I am all for boys! Can't believe that took u 13 minutes.

  4. This is lovely and you know, I felt EXACTLY the same when my boy was 3. Isobel finally arrived when he was 4. If its what you wish for I truly hope it comes your way xxx

  5. This is truly a wonderful ode to your story is reversed, I was sure I was having a boy and had a beautiful girl.

  6. A great poem and well done ...13 minutes!

  7. Oh flip my comment has been eaten! Well I said 'well done,what a lovely poem and I hope one day you get your baby girl' x #prose4thought

  8. Liska - you are a wonderful poet - this is one of the most beautiful things I've ever read! I hope you get her too - and don't forget I had the same feelings and visions for my second one to come and he eventually came along (within a crap marriage) at 45, so you've time, my lovely. Big hugs xxx

  9. Beautiful, and I hope you get what you want. I am definitely a boy mum x

  10. It's funny how you can feel so sure you are meant to be a certain type of mama. I was adamant I was going to be a boy mama, I always pictured a home full of boys, so when my daughter was born I genuinely didn't believe it. I found being a boy mama came really naturally, but a girl was much more of learning curve.
    I'm sure that things that are meant to be, happen! And I really hope you get to have a girl one day. X

  11. I was so chuffed to read that I inspired you to write a poem last week - and about such an important subject to you which is obviously close to your heart. You've written this so honestly - and fantastically well. Thank you so much for sharing with Prose for Thought x


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