Tuesday 1 October 2013

When Did it Become Show and Tell?

Have you ever read a blog post that had you nodding all the way through.  Thinking, I could have written that myself.  Thinking, that's hit the nail on the head.  Thinking I relate I relate I relate.

Well recently Michelle wrote about what her blog says about her, and it was something I was thinking about all weekend and then stumbled upon her post and read it on my phone in bed last night - yes Mich your words were in bed with me, don't tell anyone ;-)

What I related to, was someone looking at your last 20 posts, and wondering does THAT reflect who you ARE.

In the last few days I have been viewing my blog on mobile view on my phone where it shows you a snippet of lots of posts in a row, with a thumbnail from each one.  It's a great way of seeing a snapshot.  What I saw was like a show and tell.  Like "here's us in Ireland at a wedding" "here's us with a balance bike" "here's ..." and so it goes on.  Nada sharing going on...

What happened? I used to overshare with the best (or worst) of them.  Like any blogger I was guilty of using my blog as a bit of a Dear Diary, but that all seems to be long gone, and my posts are photo heavy and emotion light.  I seem to have become a diet blogger.  The fluid is there but without the calories.  Anyone think of a better analogy as that doesn't really cut it LOL!

So, here I am sharing my thoughts about my lack of sharing.

From my blog you can't really tell that I am a stay at home mum.  You don't get any insight whatsoever into how I spend my time.... what challenges I face.... it's pants really. Call myself a blogger.

Once upon a time I was going to take on planet earth - I even started a blog called Conscious Mum.  Given that I haven't felt very conscious in a long time, I think I haven't posted on it since March (or something like that).  I don't even know if I remember how to log into it.

Where's me gone? Never mind planet earth, where is planet me.  Like the cliche goes, I need to BECOME the change I want to see in the world.  Sod what the world is doing, for now.  Change, and charity begins at home (like someone wise once told me) ;-)

Back before I joined any blogging networks, I was the writing equivalent of dance like nobody's watching.  But it's hard to write freely when you self-edit when you know who's reading.

There are posts that don't even get written as I think "oh that would sound too... [the word varies every day]".

So, now, today, on 1st October 2013, I would like to promise to start blogging again in a way that is a bit more meaningful than "here, this is me and Aaron doing this this and this".

What do you think?

Liska xxx


  1. Interesting post! There are no rules when it comes to blogging and I'm a firm believer in doing what you like. I also set up a new blog as I didn't feel comfortable sharing things on my blog anymore. The blogging world has changed, perhaps our blogs changing is a reflection of that?
    I also think you're good at writing according to your tag line, and you're pretty true to yourself in that respect.

    1. That comment has filled me with questions LOL x

  2. This is such an observant post and it made me stop and think about my blog too. I started Bod for tea as part of my therapy for Post Natal Depression and really it was just somewhere to write and share and I didn't really think about who was reading it. A couple of years have gone by since then and now I do giveaways and other bits and pieces, I know who's reading and there seems to be less of me in there somehow. Interestingly my latest couple of posts (which you kindly commented on x) are a reflection of the darker sides of me - I guess I'm a dichotomy and perhaps we all are.

  3. Of all the blogs I read - and I don't read that many - can just about write mine about once a week at the mo - yours is a brutally honest account of your life and that's why I like it. It is also very clear you adore your son and do lots of lovely activities and days out with him. But if you feel that you are not writing what you want then change it. I never hold back on my blog - I don't care who reads, what networks and have only done 3 reviews in 2 years and I think that's what people like xx


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