Wednesday 2 October 2013

Learning While Living - Lesson One

I have been in a rather deep phase of recent months.

I see hidden meanings in EVERYTHING.

I see lessons in everything.  Even the smallest of things.

Yesterday, we spent ages doing a jigsaw, and there was a piece missing.  A hole that needed to be filled.  I immediately thought "just like life"!

Just like real life - when you're lucky - we found it!

The trick then is to rejoice! Yeahhhhh!

So lesson one in my new series is find out what's missing, and then find it!

Life is just like a jigsaw, right?

Liska x


  1. It is true! Problem solving is essential to many aspects of life.

  2. Aint that the truth! And when we finally find the missing piece, we must be sure not to lose it again.... x


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