Friday 29 November 2013

Said It Saturday - An Audience with Aaron

I know the weeks are flying when #SaidItSaturday keeps coming around too fast.  

It's become a weekly ritual that it gives me a late night on a Friday night, and now being a parent ensconced in my pipe and slippers routine who currently owns neither, I am doing it sober too! 


So without further ado...

THIS #SaidItSaturday ...
actually begins last Saturday as I actually stated making note of things he said last Saturday morning. We were on the way to the Gruffalo Live when he said "those girls are laughing at me and making me stressed like you".

This made me sad for two reasons (1) because I am always saying I am stressed and Aaron's picked up on it and (2) why does he think people are laughing at him? It is not something me or Dad have passed on to him, so I think it is yet another nursery-ism.  There are so so many now I can no longer keep up...

After The Gruffalo Live, at which we had a wonderful picnic (buffet) Aaron said "I like the Gruffalo day.  It had lots of food and I am big enough" (bless!).

On Sunday...
"I am a good boy and Daddy's a naughty boy as he makes lots of silly noises".

On the way to #BritMumsXmasDo on Monday morning, I say "You're going to have lots of lovely ladies talking to you today".  His reply, as cool as mustard "yes I know!"... alrighty then!!!

Aaron's often not far away if I am on computer...
Looking at the [Morrisons] #BritMumsXmasDo photos on Tuesday morning : Aaron: "I hate that lady" I panic and assume she must have told him off when I was out of earshot, or he was incredibly naughty in front of her.  I ask, very worried "why what happened?" and he says "her OBOS are too big" I say "is only Mummy allowed to have big OBOS?" and he laughs for about 10 minutes.

Obos is what he has always called boobs! He thinks, due to 13 months of breastfeeding, that they belong to him.  The fact he calls them obos (pronounced like elbows but with an "o" instead of an "el") helps when we are in public!  Yep, there are some handy uses for his strange pronunciations, which on this occasion protect my modesty!

Tuesday night, he's playing with a rod and leaning on it in a way that I think is going to hurt him and I say "Aaron you're going to hurt yourself and you won't be able to do a wee wee or have a baby!".

He says very assertively "I don't want a baby! [he laughs] "I have a baby bum bum!" [he laughs some more]!

He is going through that phase where every time the bum or poo word is mentioned it is the cue for lots of sniggering! on his part!

Wednesday morning, patting my OBOS like they are drums, I say "you think they're yours don't you?" His reply "no, they are obo cakes".   "I am going to make them into roasted fox" [we've seen the Gruffalo Live on stage recently].  Now if he was really doing The Gruffalo he ought to have rhymed cake with snake but ah well ;-)

Wed a.m. on way to school, struggling with his hood and I am other side of field. He WHIZZES towards me.... I say to him "why do you want your hood on anyway," to which he says "I am cold, silly" - yes of course you are! STUPID MUMMY :-)

On the way to school, he tells me, ever so concerned, he is "shy" about show and tell.  I say to him, "we are running late it will be finished when we get there".  He insists that it has just started, and that he will have to do it and that he is shy!  I 100% forget the fact that my boy has proved to me 1,000 times that he is psychic, and indeed, when we get there, show and tell has started 20 minutes late, but my brave boy joins the circle and I hope and pray he explained his item (a book clock that I was sent by Yellow Moon, that he absolutely loves).  Might phone them now! [I did, he stood up in front of everyone and thoroughly explained his clock book - Tell The Time].

Thursday on way back from school says "there's mice down there!" pointing at road.  I show him a drain and say "no, it's in the drains and sewers and it's rats!"  Aaron looks REALLY serious and says "there are rats down there eating a giraffe".  Then the story continues and he says "they're eating a baby giraffe and there will be a knock on the door as it is "wery wery wery not good!" He is going through a phase of saying very very very, except he pronounces it like Wery!!! VERY CUTE. Forgive the pun.

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  1. Ahaaa the Bum Bum/Poo Poo stage! Heard so much about it, not looking forward to it ;).
    Jessamy has taken to saying "I'm a stinky bum" and laughing but it's not constant...yet! x

  2. The toilet humour stage is so funny :) I love that Aaron has had another of his psychic moments, what a special and sensitive little lad he is proving to be. Freddy never had a code word for my boobs and just used to publicly shout about them for everyone to hear, so embarrassing ...Obos is so cute :) x

  3. I also love that Aaron has had another of his psychic moments, what a special and sensitive little lad he is proving to be,
    room share


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