Friday 8 November 2013

Said It Saturday - An Audience with Aaron

#SaidItSaturday: it's down there somewhere...


Twas the night before Xmas and all through the house.........!


Sorry, wrong month!!!


Twas the night before Mumsnet Blogfest and all through the house....
All I could hear was the snoring of what sounds like a mouse.

I best get this post done before he awakes,
and then get to bed, before noise he makes!

He'll need energy tomorrow to play with his Daddy,
I don't want Dad to witness the boy with a paddy!

For it's all I have seen all week Dear Child,
so it's off I run, tomorrow I'm WILD!

So if you see me all naked,
with table underfoot

Know I'm a Mum
Who got out when she could!


So back to #SaidItSaturday!!!

Am I allowed to say he's cried all week, the end!?!?!?!? No, I didn't think so.

But he has, seriously spent most of the week looking like this:

There HAS however been the odd bit of classic funniness.

Let me scratch my head and try and remember where and when?!?!?!

Oh yes, the other day on the train, he was particularly stressed which meant I was too.  I asked him if he wanted to watch my phone (which means You Tube).  As I normally use the excuse that there is no wifi, he replied with:
"There's no wifi here!"
"Wait till you get home!"
"It's a train!"
There was a silent STUPID or OBVIOUSLY at the end of each and every sentence and dramatic pauses between each statement. There was a piercing stare too.  It wasn't the moment to undermine my own previous instructions and say, "seriously, it works, here's the phone".  So I sat in dumbfounded silence, and chastised my self of the past, who for some reason thought it was a good idea NOT to let Aaron have a phone, probably on a busy train when the noise would have driven everyone nuts.  So instead a different noise, of the human, not You Tube kind was going to instead drive me nuts.  Well done Mum of the past not looking after Mum of the future!

Oh the beast awakes I will finish this later!

The poem above kind of took me by surprise and came out of nowhere but it means I will link this post with Victoria (this can be like a Russian Doll - a linky within a linky!):

Prose for Thought

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  1. BRILLIANT poem! I hope you had a wonderful time at Blogfest too :) Sorry for the severe delay in commenting - I am a tad behind! Thanks for linking to Prose for Thought x


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