Friday 22 November 2013

#SaidItSaturday - An Audience With Aaron

This is a weekly linky for any bloggers to hook up a blog post that showcases anything their little one "said".  Doesn't have to be said on Saturday, but that is the name of the linky as it is the day it goes live.

Right then our turn...

We spent a long weekend in Bristol, and Aaron was very excited about it on Saturday and Sunday, before we left Sunday afternoon.

Only trouble was Sunday morning when we wanted to leave Daddy was still in bed so Aaron said:
"Daddy did you hear we going Bristol!?!?!? [and then to me] "We better wake him up or we going without him and we don't drive!"
The other day my bracelets cut my arm, so Aaron noticed and asked me why I was no longer wearing them.  I showed him the cut and rather than receive sympathy I got:
"You can wear them on the other arm!"
Obviously - why didn't I think of that!???! 3 year olds really are rather clever you know (and literal)!

Aaron watched me while I chose the hotel for Bristol and so he knew one of them was a skyscraper but didn't know which of the many options I had actually booked. At the point when he was calling it crystal instead of Bristol he said:
"In Crystal is the hotel up to the sky? That's scary!"
The other day for love nor money we could not get the Sky remote to turn over.  It was a temporary problem that hadn't happened before or since.  He later discovered a ketchup stain on the remote (yeah nice!) and said:
"The dirt on control is why I couldn't watch what's on!"
 When we arrived at the hotel (Premier Inn) in Bristol upon seeing our room, with a double bed AND single bed, he instantly claimed the single, BUT ended up, Sunday night he did not sleep in there.  No surprise given that we always cosleep.  Anyhow it was obviously on his mind Monday for our 2nd night there as he said:
"I am going to sleep in my own bed and be happy and snuggly and get a treat and a present!"
Nobody at any point asked him to sleep there, neither on Sunday nor Monday so I don't know where he gets his ideas from - I think 3 year olds think, a lot!

While in Bristol he said "what's wrong Mummy?" to which I replied "I was upset that Daddy was taking too long to pay for the parking.  His reply:
"Mummy be happy.  You my favourite girl!"
He's actually told me this week that he loves me and that I am his best girl quite a few times - bless!

Oh just went back to my notes and quel surprise the next quote actually IS:
"Mummy I love you, you are my best girl!"
You know, when I collected him from nursery the other day, in a short walk he came out with 3 corkers.  I had no way of making a note of them as he rode on ahead on his balance bike and I could not risk taking my eyes off him to type them into the memo section on my phone.  At that point I wished I had a memory card in my phone as I would have gone into the voice recorder section and made a note of them that way, as I walked a long, whilst still being able to watch him.  I took the memory card out months ago (early Summer) to try and download 7k photos that were on there and as I didn't successfully manage to do it, it's still on the dining table - I really really need to sort that out!

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Bye for now, Liska & Aaron


  1. I love it when they say they love you and you know they mean it :) I love Aaron's thought process as he makes sense of things, such pure logic. xxx

  2. Aaaaaaw, I wanna be someone's best girl! Haha!


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