Thursday 21 November 2013

The Joy of Being a Mum

I really don't want to talk about the fury that's been present in many circles since the #Blogfest Feminist session.  The words and happenings since it have been even worse.

I am ONLY writing this post to share a Guardian article that says more than I ever could.  Oh and to also archive here my thoughts on a recent Twitter convo!  I saw someone tweeting on 3 occasions that they found a term offensive (FemNazi).  I don't follow them but the only reason I was on their timeline is because they deleted a comment that a friend made on their post, which supposedly contravened their comments policy.  Neither of us felt that it did so, so I went on their timeline to see if it could shed any light.  I saw that it did not, so was just about to do the online version of walking away when I saw the 3 tweet convos about that term.  Because I have got a big mouth I tweeted the person to say that they were calling a term offensive despite it being in their own twitter profile.  Rather than say, oh yes, but that is 2 years' out of date, or some such explanation, I just got told "stop tweeting me".  That I can live with, without the necessity to block me.  However I noticed the term had since been edited out of their Twitter profile, so clearly I had a point, but it seems people in ivory towers don't seem to want to accept when that is the case!  I tweeted a final point, to say that yes, I will stop tweeting, but that I noticed the profile had been edited.  Just because the tweets included someone who was supposed to believe this person WASN'T a FemNazi, apparently my tweets were inviting that person to attack the other..... that word again! Which is also on the same person's blog post, which started this whole thing in the first place.... Oh and the person included on the tweets was someone who I respect greatly who then tweeted me to tell me to fuck off.  A tad extreme and from someone who should know better.  Someone who has been on the receiving end of too much nonsense.

A lot of respect has been lost on all sides in the last 10 days - it's not a good thing and doesn't do ANYONE any favours whatsoever!  It seems that it is all about egos and the ruffling of feathers!  Girls go buy a feather bower if they mean that much to you.  I don't need to talk to peacocks!

So, my only reason for posting today is to share this:

It says so much more than I ever could, and shows the fight we should really be winning and it is not a sexism one!

Maybe when those of us who feel the way we do, get a big enough voice, we can show that we don't have to be doing the 9-5 to make a massive contribution to society!

Childcare is about so much more than economics!

There is an agenda at play and people are so busy on the treadmill they don't even see it!

I don't think I need to tell you what my favourite quotes are from that article and I must give a huge thank you to Cambridge Mummy for sharing it with me!

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