Thursday 12 December 2013

New Mum Fun. Guest post number 1 from Kate at Family Fever

Hi, something quite new is happening on this here blog.  I am going to share with you, in their voice, via guest posts, the stories of other "new mums online". Join in the fun at #NewMumFun

Here is the very first one:


I am Kate. I am 29, and have been married to Kevin for 7 years. We have been blessed with 3 lovely

little ones – Gemma is 7, Jacob is 5, and Max is 7 months.

Life with three children is, in a word, manic. There never seems to be enough time to do everything,

my house is messy untidy chaotic, and the washing machine seems to be on a permanent cycle. But

do you know what – who cares? My floor might be covered in toast crumbs, but my kids are happy,

and at the end of the day that is far more important.

I blog at and I started blogging a year ago. I started blogging as a way to

grab back a little bit of ‘me time’ – a bit of space that doesn’t involve dirty nappies, piles of washing

or demands for biscuits.

Being a new mum is hard work – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. None of my children had the

easiest start in life - (you can read their birth stories here: but despite the fact that it is the hardest thing I have ever done, it is almost the most

rewarding, the most amazing, and the thing I am the most proud of.

So what things make my life as a new mum easier? I personally couldn’t live without Grobags – they

stop my littlest monkey kicking off the covers and waking up because he is cold, and they keep him

safe – no worries about blankets being pulled over his head. I also love my cloth nappy stash. They

are absorbent, comfortable and gorgeous, and have been on the bottoms of 3 babies now – and are

still going strong. Besides those two favourites, I also really like many other items, simply because

they make my life easier – bandana dribble bibs keep Max clean and dry, Cuddledry baby towels

make bathtime with a slippery baby much easier and sleepsuits for easy nappy changing – Max

wears sleepsuits far more than we wears ‘proper’ clothes.

Before I became a mum, I really wish that someone had told me to trust my instincts. There have

been so many occasions where I have just KNOWN that what I am doing is right for me and my

baby, but conflicting, well-meaning advice from family, friends and strangers in the street has made

me doubt myself. Trust yourself – you know your baby best, and the way you are doing things may

not be the same as someone else, but it doesn’t matter. You are doing it the right way for you, and

you’re doing a great job. For me, I get through the day with routine, routine, routine. I am not an

attachment parenting, co-sleeping mummy – that’s just not me. But that doesn’t mean that other

people who parent that way are wrong. Just different. And that’s more than OK – all babies are

different, all parents are different. You really do just have to do what works for you and muddle

through in your own way – there are no rule books!

Being a mum has challenges galore – just getting out the house with everyone dressed and fed

and school bags packed is an achievement. Keeping on top of the washing is a challenge. Keeping

on top of work is a challenge. But we do it – I might not hoover every day but, really – who cares?

We survive. And there are so many things that make it all worth it. The first time your baby smiles,

laughs, sits up, crawls – that’s all because of you and what you have nurtured. So you’re doing

something right hey?

Blogging allows me to record it all, and to waffle. Some days you just need to waffle. We are so lucky

that the last year has documented every stage of Max’s development, from the early days in SCBU

to the 7 month old who is currently pulling the tinsel off the Christmas tree. And for that, I have a

group of lovely ladies to thank. You know who you are – you got me in to blogging, you helped me

set it all up, and you were there when I got stuck (frequently). So thankyou – for the support, the

advice and the tech advice that has given me a record of my boy, and an escape from the mayhem.

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Thank you so much Kate for being my first one.  I am so grateful that you have opened up to us in such an honest way about being a Mum.  Head over to Kate's great blog to find out more, and see photos of her gorgeous family.

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  1. Hello Kate, thanks for sharing your story. It is a great read. I have 2 kids and yes i understand what "manic" is. But at the end of the day, when the 2 girls are asleep, I have a look at their beautiful faces, and just there, I know all the hassle in the day was worth it. This is what gives me the urge to start the routine all over again the next day.


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