Wednesday 11 December 2013

Unconditional Love

I'm a child and you're my mother
Don't be looking to any other

Look at me and what I can do
I'll love you back. My love is true

You gave me life, this breath of mine
You gave me promises that I'd be fine

But then you left, you closed the door
Not in England anymore

You walked away at my time of need
And now again you're all I need

Your love was conditional on so many matters
It often left me lost, in tatters

I hope you're now working through it all
I no longer want to be made to feel small

When we're both whole, once again
Maybe, you'll get in touch... I don't know when?

Maybe it'll be soon, maybe tomorrow
There's no longer time for sorrow.

For now, I'll be a Mum instead of a daughter
and focus on the running water

*You know the stuff that flows under the bridge*

The same bridge that would go from here to you
If I got on a plane and to you I flew

For now I will ponder where we went wrong
and hope that it won't be too long

So think of me, while I think of you,
and when we meet again, let it all be new!

Written today 11th December 2013 by Me - Original work!

I read this today: The Bully Too Close to Home by Hands Free Mama.

I started to read it as a Mum, and it spoke to me because yesterday Aaron told me I am always stressed and always angry (I'm not, but obviously it is frequent enough for him to comment).

But on second read, I read it as a daughter.  One who has experienced unconditional love, who wants things to be so very different!

So as you can see, reading that blog post, inspired the poem I wrote straight after.  When I am feeling emotional, a poem only takes me about 10 minutes as it just flows straight out of me, like running water.  I don't write the sort of poems where you sit there chewing a pen, considering the next line - just not me.

Joining in with Wednesday Words:

Wednesday Words


  1. Sounds like there's a lot of pain behind this, although also resilience and recovery. I wish I could write as fast as you do!

  2. A beautiful, heart felt poem #WednesdayWords

  3. So poignant. Would apply to so many relationships.
    And there is hope - there is always a way back
    And your son is very lucky to have you - he knows this now but will know it more in the future. Special lady - you have an aura that shines out and shows that the inside is very good indeed

  4. Such a beautiful poem x #wednesdaywords

  5. Hope you manage to sort things out, from your lovely poem it sounds like you want to make it up with your mum. Best of luck! #WednesdayWords

  6. that't beautiful and so poignant xx

  7. This is a brilliant poem. Very emotional. I too write raw poetry straight from the heart, and very rarely edit it, but that means I can only write when I'm inspired and I can't just churn out a poem on instruction. I expect you feel the same?

    Thanks for joining in with #WednesdayWords xx


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