Saturday 7 December 2013

Said It Saturday - An Audience with Aaron

It's gonna be a relatively brief one this week, because (a) I need to get to bed and (b) I didn't make a note of everything Aaron said this week BUT we did have fun!

Tonight, Aaron went ice skating for the first time, with a penguin aid.  I errrm couldn't skate as well as I used to be able to and said to someone "I've lost my bottle".  Aaron - who listens to EVERYTHING said "no you haven't, you don't have a bottle!" as literal as ever!  He still has milk, which he calls a bottle, and clearly knows that I don't! Bless him!

Anyway, rewind:

earlier on this week I needed to go to the Aldi launch of their ski wear collection, and my lovely SIL had agreed to have Aaron.  On the way to drop him off he said "I am going to be shy at J's house!" - shy is a word he has recently learned - I'd say from school (nursery) and he has started applying it to himself, which is like calling an orange an apple.  He said last week on Wednesday that he would be "shy" at show and tell and he SO wasn't! But clearly someone else IS and he's decided he wants to be too! Bless him but he ISN'T!!!

The other day we were going to see The Gruffalo in Westfield Stratford City and he said "I believe you need to get out of the shower, we need to go somewhere".  He is so formal and so funny sometimes!

Whenever we make breakfast we have a routine as to what he carries through and what I do.  The other morning he forgot himself and was watching TV.  When he saw me come in with everything he said "Mummy you are carrying too much, sorry" - I was so proud of my little man, his thoughtfulness and his manners.

Oh and back to his time with the SIL. She said his manners were great but that everytime he meant to say "no thank you" he in fact said "no please".  I know he does that, but I don't correct him as it is terribly cute :-)

He's said quite a lot else that's been funny this week, but alas I have not made a note of them.

Fred has said a lot of great stuff though!

Night night.




  1. Hee hee to no PLEASE! J hasn't been very well and she been quite vocal in telling us so but no please totally sounds like her kind of thing too x

  2. We're going ice skating tomorrow I hope I don't lose my bottle! Freddy would definitely say exactly the same thing as Aaron did if I said that. His logic and unswerving adherence to the literal sense of words really does define Fred at the moment. I love Aaron's 'no please' it is indeed very cute :)


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