Thursday 2 January 2014

Our Christmas

Aaron's been asking for a "Jake Lego Boat" every day since seeing it on display, in August, at Lollibop.  He's been steadfast.  So impressed was I with his loyalty to his wished for toy, which remained consistent despite getting what he calls "liveries" (deliveries of review toy items), that I got him the whole set, which is 3 boxes of Jake Lego (duplo).  As mentioned in previous posts, I ordered all 3 boxes online from John Lewis.  His face was a picture on Christmas morning bless him:

It was SO lovely to see him fully understand Christmas and Santa - he didn't last year.  He could talk about it, but you could tell he didn't "get it!"

In the background he's also been asking for 3 costumes, the main one being Spiderman.  Daddy picked this, I think from Toys R Us, and it's been a HUGE hit (I can't find the one we have on their website though - it's got a rock hard durable face mask and came in a box not on a hanger).  It's a proper Marvel one, and he's worn it pretty much everyday throughout Christmas.  Thankfully it is never for the whole day.  He absolutely adores it and keeps sticking out his hand saying that he is doing "webs" - you have to react when he does this at you!

My Uncle got him a Transformer costume which my cousin delivered on Christmas Eve (which was a lovely visit), so when we have been visiting the inlaws, throughout Christmas, Aaron's been Spiderman and his favourite cousin has been a Transformer.  They have both been incredibly cute to say the least:

It's been a spectacular Christmas which took me quite by surprise.  It's literally been like a 10 day weekend.  I will be very very sad when it is all over - we are those people who keep their decorations up till 6th January.  We are not bored of them as we didn't put them up at the beginning of December - more like a week before Christmas.  I love them.  I'm always devastated the day they come down.  Last year was hilarious as Daddy took me to Table Table for dinner to cheer me up after taking the decs down, and right inside the door on arrival there, what were they doing!??!!? Taking their decs down! You couldn't make it up!

My Mum has always taught me 
All decorations are traditionally taken down on Little Christmas (January 6th.) and it is considered to be bad luck to take them down beforehand. 

I am glad to see that same sentence featured here: Irish Christmas Traditions

Anyway I can't make this post longer, as I have my nieces and nephew coming to spend the day with Aaron tomorrow and lots of tidying to do to make the place presentable.

I have made great headway in the kitchen today but it's literally taken 7 hours.  I am following the tips from Fly Lady thanks to a tip-off from Hannah.  I must have shined my sink 7 times today which is great as it is Fly Lady's January habit of the month and I spent hours on the website yesterday (late last night).

If you missed this blog whilst I haven't posted in the last 10 days, let me know, as sometimes I feel like I am talking to myself.

Night night 
Liska xxx


  1. I'm glad you had such a fantastic Christmas. I also love Fly Lady - although don't go OTT on her. I saw one video where a woman has her whole life mapped out in a loose leaf ring-file, LOL. Wishng you a fabulous 2014! xxx

  2. Looks like an awesome Christmas. All this presents look fantastic, especially the costumes. Hope you have a very lovely 2014 :)


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