Saturday 11 January 2014

Snuggle Up on a Winter Night: What do you Need?

There’s nothing better than chilling out with your other half after a hard day’s work, (or in the case of today, after a lazy day, which with a 3 year old, take the word "lazy" with a HUGE pinch of salt thrown over my shoulder for good measure) especially when it’s cold (for tonight, make that freezing - it literally is minus one right now) and dreary outside. 

Grabbing a blanket, a glass of wine and a good film to while away the evening can be a great way to spend some quality time together without having to spend money on a night out. So, choose a good movie on the box, (tonight we are choosing a DVD: "Date Night" (how apt) which we were meant to watch back in the Summer), get out a bottle of wine (I think I will make us a hot toddy actually) and look forward to a pleasant evening, just the two of you. Our craze at the moment is those tinned steamed puddings with a huge serving of custard which is what the 3 of us just had before the 3 year old Aaron's bedtime.  We actually CAN have a child-free evening to ourselves, as the midnight plus 30 bedtimes of Christmas are well and truly over and Aaron was asleep by 8 p.m. last night and 8:15 p.m. tonight *smug face*!

Of course, for the evening to be truly relaxed and laid back, the last thing you want to be wearing is the gear that you went to work in or wore all day! Instead, take the chance to get changed into something a little more snuggly, so that you can be as toasty as possible. Combine the loungewear with some little additions to your evening and you have a recipe for a perfect at-home Winter date night.

Onesies have become increasingly popular over the past year or so, with men, women and kids choosing to add them to their loungewear collection. Where for women, onesies are super cute and comfortable; for men, the more loud, fun and fabulous, the better!

Take a look at the George onesies for women for some great ideas if you think you’re missing out on the onesie craze!  If you are getting married soon, snap up the bridal party one! Love it! My cousin who got married September 2013 would have gone mad for those.  The fairisle onesie has a draw string which makes it look like a two piece and there's even a maternity onesie.  I am so so getting me one, as it is my dream to have another baby as regular readers will know.

Hoodies & Slacks
Both men and women will feel completely comfortable in a pair of slacks or joggers, combined with a suitably baggy and snug hoody. You don’t have to change into sleepwear to curl up in front of a film – just something loose and cosy is all you need!

A Blanket
Perfect for a cold winter’s night, grabbing a fleecy blanket (or better still, bringing the duvet downstairs!) can ensure that both you and your other half stay snug until the end of the movie. Wrap it around you both so that even your feet are covered and you won’t even need the heating on, either!  With today's age of "heat or eat" this is a very good tip.  Actually despite having the heating on every morning Aaron has his bottle on my knee under a blanket on the sofa.

No Distractions 
If you’re going to dedicate an evening to each other, wrapped up on the sofa, the last thing you need is the distraction of Facebook or emails. Keep the phones off and put the tablets away – notifications can wait! (On that note I need to make this post the last thing I do before shutting down this computer)!

A Takeaway
The last thing you’re going to want to do is cook when all you plan on doing is relaxing together. Instead, treat yourself to a takeaway. Order it before you get settled, so that you don’t have to get up and ruin the mood to answer the door to your delivery guy.

A Good Film
Rather than just choosing to curl up in front of the TV to watch whatever mind-numbing drivel that you land on when flicking through the TV channels, pick a film that you have both wanted to watch for a while, treat yourself to a new Blu-Ray or stream the latest episodes of your must-watch TV series’ to catch up on together.

It's the Peace and Quiet Quality Time That Counts
You don’t have to spend loads of money on an evening out at the cinema, or enjoying a fine meal, to enjoy some quality time with your other half. All you do need is some quiet time where you can shut off from everything, curled up snugly on the sofa.

On that night, we're going to enjoy our Saturday night.

This post was a collaboration, but as you can see I tweaked it to reflect that we are actually going to have a stay-in snuggly date night ourselves tonight.  Just us, a sleeping 3 year old and "the box"!  As I wrote the last sentence he stirred but I sent Daddy to settle him... Date night is meant to start at 2100 hrs.  We synchronized our watches and everything! There has to be room for manoeuver with a 3 year old in the house though right?  Here's hoping we get our cuddly evening...

I do own a onesie, that I bought in 2009 (see I was ahead of a craze for once in my life)!  Me and two of my cousins bought them on the same day.  Here is one of my cousins wearing hers.  Writing this post has made me want to dig out mine... It'd probably be easier to get a new one from George at Asda though as I have no clue where it is:


Actually looking at that photo reminds me of the fact that it had feet; that used to annoy me as they only get dirty!  Glad to see the Asda ones don't have feet (what are slippers for eh?!?!) and I have decided, my favourite is the Neon Hooded One.  That'd make me feel wrapped up like a teddy! Perfect for when and if the snow comes!  The weather was SO mild when Aaron and I went shopping on foot this afternoon.  He had only a fleece hoody and no jacket, no gloves.  Yet tonight at 1900 when I popped out for cake (yeah so sue me) to go with the custard ;-) it was minus one.  Hubby said it was because it was blue skies and sun all day - apparently that gives no cloud cover, which can mean a cold night BBbbbbbrrrrr.  Oh and I am still writing as he did not come back from settling Aaron and I can't stop yawning myself.  So maybe the best place for the 3 of us on a cold night is bed!  Night night! xxx

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  1. I had one with feet and they used to make me fall down the stairs ALL the time - I had to cut them off in the end!


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