Saturday 11 January 2014


Over at Kip Hakes' blog he is running a Me In Three linky

I asked people on Twitter to describe me in three words and these are the responses I got:

Thank you friends for replying to me; it was quite an ego boost :-)  I really really appreciate the tweets.

Anyone reading this ^^ they are great folk to follow on Twitter.

If I did it for myself I would probably say "annoying, chatty, and intense".

I agree with Kate on Thin Ice, I do take people as I find them, and don't base opinions on how high up the greasy bloggy pole people are - thanks Kate, love you too xxx

This is linked up to the Me in Three Linky. Why not take part yourself?

Liska xx


  1. you are certainly chatty but i love that on you!!! haha probably because i am the same! xx

  2. I missed this but if you want an honest opinion I would say Spiritual, Passionate and Spontaneous. And if I were a fortune teller, I'd say that that the spontaneous passion has got you into 'situations' at times. However, all wonderful traits when channeled positively.

    1. Many situations ha ha! Very insightful of you. I would say you are "loyal, consistent and considerate" xxx

  3. Ha! Thanks for using my words too :))) x

  4. What a great idea! Always lovely to get positive feedback from people....assuming it is all positive that is!


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