Wednesday 5 February 2014

My #BigBenefitsRow Poem

Inspired by 

You complain about their flat screen TV
Yet how much do YOU spend on your daily coffee?

You complain about their benefit rights
But how much do you spend on Marlboro Lights?

You complain about their trampoline
But how much do you spend on sunscreen?

You complain that they don't speak English
Yet on holiday did you speak Turkish?

You complain they're always wanting more
But have you even heard of the working poor?

You complain about an immigrant invasion
But you do talk about tax evasion?

You moan they send their money back home
Yet your money in Switzerland is there on loan?

You join in the rants about Michael Gove
But I doubt his policies effect High Grove

Some of your big bonus goes to charity
Yet you think food banks are a travesty?

To you this is all just a debate
yet for others their life is at stake!

The inequality between rich and poor
Is something that you just ignore

The trickle down effect will clothe their backs
It's not an issue to worry fat cats

Money to you is just numbers on a screen
You don't even realise that you're mean

Mean to your neighbour mean to your brother
You don't even care about any other

So sit quite still let my words sink in
And think again about your big fat cat grin

Let's fight for all and not for one
Let's have compassion, then we've won!


Original poetry by Liska today 05/02/2014 
© I retain copyright

Crazy With Twins


  1. Brilliant, of course. Do something more with your poetry - to be published, I beg you xx

  2. Ha - you raise some excellent points! ;) I have refused to watch any of the C4 series because I hate watching the negative stereotyping :(( #wednesdaywords

  3. I reserve the right to moan about Michael Gove - I'm a teacher and it's my class that are suffering! The rest of it, well, I do have an opinion on because I can, but we all see things in different ways.

    1. My poem must read wrong, as I can't abide Michael Gove, AT ALL. I was merely saying that some liberal lefties campaign about him, when his policies don't have much impact on them. Of course they are entitled to do so, so my point was, not tongue in cheek, but not to be taken too literally. With regards to your "I do have an opinion on" I do too, and we probably agree on some elements. The poem is not finite, or absolute. I know examples that prove AND contradict every line I have in there. I have neighbours who disprove what I have in there. With me, with poems, the words come through me, and as this one was not personal in nature, it was more to do with what I had seen on TV, than simply my personal beliefs. I know none of what I have said probably makes sense, but I know what I am trying to say.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting.
      Liska xx

  4. Brilliant poem. I don't understand all the political ins and outs, so I tend not to judge one way or another... but then isn't that the point... until you've been in someones shoes... how can you discriminate against them? But then, we've never been on the rich side of the line. We aren't on benefits either - we just struggle by.

    Thanks for joining in with #WednesdayWords

    1. It's funny, I have such varying opinions on the whole thing. What I do know though is that the media have an agenda, and it is exaggerating what clearly is only a 1% - that I do not like! Everything is happening for a reason, including our open borders, that drive wages down xx


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