Saturday 1 February 2014

Said it Saturday is back with a bang #SaidItSaturday

I haven't written or published a Said It Saturday #SaidItSaturday post in WEEKS - literally haven't posted one in 2014 at all yet.

But now I am back with a bang whether you rowdy lot join in or not.


I'll start with my favourite.  Last weekend we were one of 10 lucky Parent Bloggers to spend the weekend with Costa Coffee's Perry The Penguin!

We did LOTS of things with Perry, including taking him swimming and to Kung Fu.  Aaron went along with the fact that Perry had to have his photo taken at every opportunity and enjoyed posing with him and entertaining him on the bus, including showing him how to draw on the steamy windows, BUT on our way out of Morrisons Aaron loves to go on the cars you put a pound in, and when I tried to get Perry to sit on the car (you'll see in the photo it is NOT EVEN on the actual seat) Aaron got so frustrated, his imagination for Penguin-fun left him and he shouted at me:
"He's just a biscuit!"
Here's the pic:

Out of loyalty to Costa I did not laugh, but it WAS very funny, it has to be said!  Especially the way he shouted it, in pure frustration - I now know the issues we'd have if he ever has a sibling!

this Thursday I was TRYING to get a load of housework and de-cluttering done.  Aaron was following me, every single time I moved from room to room.  It got a little frustrating so I asked him why.  His answer:
"I just love you"
Now THAT stopped me in my busy housewife tracks and I had to give him a big squeeze.  My little heart-breaker.

The same day he'd had a massive lunch at nursery and was full but we were both nibbly at about 4 o'clock so we had a small cheese & tomato pizza each.  I knew having had that and a big cooked lunch, he wouldn't be up for a big cooked dinner, so later before bed I made him a ham sandwich.  As I handed it to him I said "you better eat it!" - his reply (casually over his shoulder as he walked to the dining table carrying his own plate, given to him in the kitchen):
"I will my sweet Mummy!"
WHERE did I get this prince charming from? My beautiful boy.

Oh and another classic.  The other day, after collecting him from nursery he saw one of his teachers in an alley on a phone.  He stopped, letting me go ahead, to say to her:
"You shouldn't be on your phone. Water and 'lectrick-tity don't mix" [it was raining]
I have taught him that ANYTHING that has batteries, or gets plugged in, or gets charged, is electrical, and should NOT ever be allowed to get wet.  He's taking it really seriously bless him.  My little policeman.

Actually that reminds me of another one, which might even have been the same day.  On the way back from nursery, a van reversed where Aaron was trying to cycle.  I held him back and made him wait, but as he went passed them he saw their window was down and there was someone on the passenger side that we were on, so he said:
"Why did you go there, I was trying to cycle there?".  Followed by: "Why are you eating THERE, you should have eaten your food in the cafe?"
Luckily they were REALLY nice guys, and laughed their heads off, and thought he was adorable, which actually has jogged my memory about another thing, also this week... I was at the cashpoint the other day and the man in front of me was taking FOREVER.  I didn't sigh, or tut or anything, but Aaron got impatient and tapped him on the arm and said:
"Why can't you let it be our turn?"
Luckily, again it was a really nice guy who found it to be very cute!

Speaking of cashpoint has reminded me of yet another one. Wow this isn't like the old days where I could only do #SaidItSaturday if I had made a note of "memorable" things Aaron had said during the week, on my phone.  I used to find that, even though they would SEEM memorable when said, unless I typed them in the memo section of my phone, come time to write Said It Saturday, they'd be long forgotten.  Maybe the Chinese Herbs are having LOTS of positive effects on me, as I have rattled off all of the above and not gone near my phone yet.  However I will do in a moment, as there are some from Xmas I would like to include here, as it's been so long since I have done Said it Saturday.

Anyway, where was I?  Yeah cashpoint.  The other day Aaron wanted a toy from a local newsagent; one he remembered from a day when we'd gone in there with my cousin.  We walked passed the shop and I said we can't go there yet, as I have to go to the cashpoint first to get money.  He turned round and assertively said to me:
"You're not getting money, you are getting cash!  Cash is paper, it's not money". [He thinks money is coins bless him] 

... and I remember thinking exactly the same when I was his age. My aunt used to get me to give her notes and she'd give me coins in exchange, making me feel rich.  She used to get a great kick out of playing that trick on me.  Don't worry she did not rip me off, she spoilt me rotten.  She got me my ZX Spectrum +

So, let me go get that phone!

I'll just do one for now.  On 29/12/2013 he said:

"Mummy you buyed me?"
"I was waiting at the shop for you to buy me when I was a baby?

I said: "No you were in my tummy!"

His reply: "So I buyed you then! You were in my trolley!"

Bless him, there was NO build up to this conversation... It was bedtime and it just came COMPLETELY out of the blue!

PLEASE join in the fun.  They don't have to have said their bits and pieces on a Saturday - that is just the day the linky opens.  Also, the focus of the post doesn't have to entirely be this, just as long as it includes something they SAID, whatever their age!

Bye for now, Liska xxx

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  1. Lovely quotes from your little guy! Kid's say the sweetest things and this is such a lovely linky to remember them all! xx

  2. Well he's just adorable and it's a lovely idea to write it all down.

  3. those are so cute! I should write more of mine down and then come and link up. I always forget, and they do say so many funny things.
    This week Mr T made me laugh, he pointed to another boy in the waiting room for his speech therapy and eagerly said "that's my best friend" he only would have ever seen that boy once before!!! but I found it so cute! he has asd and doesnt really make friends yet, so i found it so sweet! :D Trying to think what mr Z has said, as he always has some hilarious lines but my mind has gone blank. Another child made me laugh tho, they have ipad time in their therapy and one just came out with "why doesn't my mummy share her ipad? my mummy is selfish!" it was so funny!

  4. He is totally adorable!
    Linking up my 365 post if that's okay as Emmy has her funny quote at the end.

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  5. kids say funny things :) My son used to say such funny things when he was little. He still comes out with some corkers now and he;s a teen!

  6. Aw - how lovely my sweet mummy. The things children say melt my heart and crack me up in equal measures :-)

  7. Its so true, kids do say the damndest things. And I am sure he will be glad to have you to show him in 20 years!

  8. I do love the things that kids say - great idea for a linky x x

  9. Oh I love the cute and funny things kids say- great to keep notes of it!

  10. aww bless him, the 'i just love you' *heart melts* x

  11. So funny and so cute! Some ones to tell him when he's older there :)

  12. What lovely things to remember and look back on!

  13. Aww how sweet. And am jealous I never got a perry (or 10)

  14. Priceless quotes!
    I remember when I was a kid my Mum used to write they down in a notebook, we still have it...

  15. Oh wow - the 'I just love you Mummy' response to him following you around is heart melting, I can't wait to be a Mummy, just for little moments like these!

  16. Aww kids say the cutest things at times!!

  17. Brilliant - particularly love that 'Water and lecktricktitty!' x


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