Monday 24 February 2014

Tips on Taking the Kids to Switzerland this Summer

There are holidays you do BC (before children) and those that you family friendly holidays that you pull off once they are in your lives. Memories of going on a cycle-tour from one idyllic village to another, staying in hostels along the way can resurface. It's okay though as once the babes turn six or seven, they have already mustered the art of pedalling and you can start planning a few excursions with stops in between.

Choosing your destination
Whilst there are numerous camps and clubs you can choose from, there is nothing like being free to make your own schedule; to follow your instinct. Switzerland is the perfect destination for such an adventure: rent the bikes and car. Make your way to the Swiss Alps during the summer vacation. The possibilities are endless. The equipment is all provided for and is of the latest calibre.

There are forests to glide through on your bike and bringing a packed lunch to rest whenever the need arises, is a treat for everyone. You may be rusty yourself but you can blame the stops on the small legs that are more able for short stints at cycling than more ambitious routes. 

A perfect spot is Flims which is during the winter months a ski resort but in the summer equally prepared for the outdoor adventurer fully equipped for the mountain biker as there is a centre that has over 330km of signposted trails colour coded for all levels of aptitude and you can time your walks and navigate using a watch from somewhere like Watches of Switzerland if you're really splashing out while travelling. 

The kids can try out rope-climbing at the centre and tree climbing: they set off in a group, hooked up to safety ropes and are left to climb along boards that interweave through the trees.

From there you can drive to Lake Cauma and enjoy the stunning landscape then throw yourselves into the delicious turquoise water and swim to the centre. Sun yourselves on rocks while you all delight in the peaceful beauty that surrounds you.

When using the cycling maps the timings may be a bit ambitious so take precautions and bring extra supplies! However there are also ski lifts up to the Alps as an alternative and from there some easy trekking paths that the kids will take to. Bring your toy plane!

With a family in tow, finding a residence that caters for everything demands all your attention but they exist: Rocksresort is well-known for its contemporary design with smart practical flats and perfect for families with children. There are restaurants nearby with a fantastic freshly picked chanterelles soup.

End your stay with a trip up the mountain using the ski lift and spot any wild deer that may be rummaging through the forestry. How novel to be able to throw snowballs in August, especially as we haven't seen any snow this year! Taking the ski lift to the summit, you will be amazed at the view of the snow covered mountain tops and will be able to make a snowman too: there will not be a single complaint from the little ones!

This post is a collaboration with Sue Williams who blogs for Watches of Switzerland and fashion blogs across the internet.

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