Saturday 22 February 2014

#SaidItSaturday - Words are Getting Longer

My boy is now 3 years and 8 months, even though I still often refer to him as being "three and a half".  The home-straight to 4 years old is now in sight.  Don't mention his going to school! I will be bereft! Totally!

Anyhow, Said It Saturday has been neglected of late. I was in bed tossing and turning just now and decided to get back up and turn the computer on.

I haven't been up to my old trick of making a note of every remarkable thing Aaron says on my phone.  Life is too hectic, too fast and furious to have chance to stop and type as a memo each time he says something note-worthy (which is now every 5 minutes).

So instead, I will have to rely on my memory...... yikes no pressure considering it has not worked since I gave birth!

What I want to say is that the words are getting longer.  He can often be found saying:
  • similar
  • disgusting
  • actually
  • today he said "pavement"!
  • definitely
  • certainly

Today we played "snap" for the first time and I taught him how to say that Mummy was "shuffling" the cards.  It was hilarious what he was saying before I emphasized each syllable and he "got it"!

He's now at an age where he expects his instructions to be obeyed.  So if he tells his best friend something, he gets VERY frustrated when he does not follow his commands.  His BFF is 5 months younger than him, so that DOES happen, and cue a big reaction from Aaron.  "He's not listening to me" (oh Aaron if only you could realise that is how I feel when you don't listen to ME!!!!). Today he wanted him to eat because he was eating, paint the giraffe (I bought them two wooden ones to paint from a new shop called Tiger) and climb up the Spiderman net (and NOT the ladder) at the park.  He can be VERY bossy and likes to be "heard"!

For some reason, in recent weeks, he always tells me what's on his mind.  The sentences start with

"I'm thinking about..."

I don't know if it is an Aaron-ism or something that's been encouraged at school.

At any given random time, when you hear the words "I'm thinking about..." you know you have to stop what you are doing and listen, really listen.  It'll always be something DEEP, and nearly always be something from the distant past (that you would have thought he'd have forgotten about).  Thanks to the fact he was an early speaker and has a great vocabulary he can really tell me what's on his mind. It is the biggest lesson for any parent who excuses bad behaviour by saying "uch, s/he'll forget about it". Nope, they don't.  I guess they're just sometimes too young (or trying to grasp more than 1 language) to be able to express themselves.

Aaron's "thinking about" the sheep that he saw nearly 6 months ago, in Ireland, who had a red raw bum (I think it was eaten alive with maggots or something like that).  He remembers shutting his fingers in a door which I think was a year ago. He remembers trips to the zoo and Thomas Land in terrific technicolour detail!

He dreams what feels like every night at the moment, and really enjoys telling me, in great detail, about his dreams in the morning. He'll put emphasis on certain words, in a hilarious way.  You'd have to BE there, but if you are the Mum to a toddler you will know what I mean.

Oh and his favourite words at the moment (despite the awesome/extensive vocabulary) are:

Pee pee
poo poo
bum bum.

THIS I know is a phase that they go through at this age, and he is loving it loving it loving it.  At the moment, when he is at his most happy and most loving he says "Mummy poo poo" or "Daddy poo poo".  I asked him to say goodbye to someone a teacher at nursery the other day and he said "bye-bye [name]-poo poo".  She looked HORRIFIED, so I explained that's what he calls Mummy and Daddy (I didn't get chance to say in a good way) but I was trying to say that Aaron was putting her on the same pedestal he has us on, it was a compliment. But she clearly didn't get it as she said "that's terribly unkind Aaron".  I left the building with a heavy heart. We're not going to stop him saying it, as I feel vibes and when he is saying it, there is only joy, sheer fun and joy exuding from his every pore.  It's a phase and it is a FUN phase. Shucks there are MUCH worse things he could be saying! Reader, what do you think?

Anyway, I am feeling tired now, so I may end this here and say "over and out" "night night"

Edit: notice how I felt "tired" the minute I wrote about something that had a negative effect on me (above). This is why being encouraging and positive is so important (that is a note to MYSELF as much as anyone else by the way) as look at the PHYSICAL effect it has on oneself.

Yet, after publishing this post, I saw a tweet from +Nickie O'Hara and ended up watching an 11 minute video as a result and engaging in lots of tweets about it.  The tiredness was a response to the heavy energy generated by writing the above (and remembering the feelings it generated in me). Anyway, lesson learned. I seem to need to learn the same lessons again and again and again at the moment but I WILL get there. Sad that it's taken me till +40 though.............!

Liska xxx


  1. What is it about boys and words like poo poo... My 6 year old still finds that word hilarious! I love the age your boy is at now, it's just brilliant! Enjoy! :)

  2. I have to say, I don't really think "poo-poo" is "terribly unkind" they could say "that's a bit silly" but terribly unkind is a bit of an overkill!!!
    Aaron sounds great. I love it when kids have lots to say, its always so interesting to know what is going on in their mind!
    My middle boy has a lot of communication difficulties (he has autism and a speech disorder) but recently he is improving so much and it's so lovely to hear what he has to say! The other day he made me laugh, he wanted to have a go with the football so he said to my younger one that he wants to "work together, as a team!" to make him share. I was shocked, its very advanced language for him!!

  3. They all seem to go through this phase where everything seems to revolve around poos and bums :-D

  4. My girls (6 and 8) still find words like poo and bum funny, especially if they're put into a song!

  5. Bless him! I can't wait for Baby to start learning words x

  6. Awww LOVE LOVE this age. I hate people who round up my children's ages. Someone said my son is nearly 7 the other day - his birthday isn't until October!!!

  7. What a clever boy! I do love his favourite words list ;) It is amazing what they remember. Elle is nearly 6 and she can still remember going to the zoo for her first birthday and falling asleep in the sling on her daddies back! I have no idea HOW she remembers that! x

  8. pretty good words in his vocab now. I think you are right not to reprimand him for saying poo poo, he'll have another new phrase soon enough!

  9. lol boys love rude words like poo and bum :) It sounds like his vocab is coming on well!

  10. Sounds like the little man is growing up :) It's amazing how good memory little kids can have!

  11. I agree, the children I look after say these things very frequently. I have to explain to them that they just have to be careful as some people can find it offensive. It really does sound like he is growing up!

  12. Great way to remember what they said when they get older. All children go through saying things that get a reaction, he'll grow out of it too

  13. Sounds like he is doing great! I really don't know why they all go through the silly word stage but they do grow out of it! He sounds just like my son bossing his friend around!

  14. Aw bless him - so sweet and I love the way you keep a record of everything he says. I have mine in a little memory book that my two (now 8 and 11) love sitting and looking through x

  15. What fabulous writing! This is a new blog for me, and I've really enjoyed my visit. I also had a heavy heart when I read that his nursery teacher didn't understand him. Because really she should. I think that was unnecessarily harsh of her, even if she didn't, because, as you rightly pointed out, children experiment with words at that age, and don't have a huge understanding of the wider repurcussions. He wouldn't have meant to be unkind, he's three and eight months for goodness sake! Sorry to ramble, but it makes me cross, when trained professionals don't take this into acount when talking to developing minds and potentially hurting their feelings! It's clear he has a wonderfully supportive and nurturing home life though, so you keep doing what you're doing! xx

  16. I wouldn't worry too much about what other thinks... if you think it is ok - it is ok!
    I wouldn't be horrified by it.

  17. Well done to him with the bigger words.... honestly I sometimes don't understand how people that work with children can completely NOT understand them. Child development and psychology is a huge interest of mine, and this sort of thing is so completely natural and normal and teachers should KNOW this. Honestly, do not worry about it at all! x

  18. I feel your pain with the pee / poo words - Eliza thinks it hilarious to repeat them over and over (and over) again at the moment. I am studying for an NVQ in childcare and this behaviour is completely normal so don;t worry at all

  19. LOL yeah, just a phase I think. He's sounds like he's doing really well *big smiles*

  20. A lovely read Liska! Cherish every minute until he goes to school - life goes even fast then! xxx

    I recently posted: Winter #LittleAdventures - Fun In The Park!

  21. Ha ha, the poo poo and wee wee bit sounds just like my now turned 3 yr old! He say's "Bye bye Mummy poo poo!" This post really made me smile. Thank you x


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