Thursday 20 March 2014

A Birthday Party in the Sun

Saturday 15th March we headed off to a birthday party. It was glorious weather. The birthday boy is the son of Daddy's best mate from school, and we just had to go to meet the happy 1 year old, as it was our first opportunity to meet him.

The party did not disappoint. Fabulous food, great children's entertainment, lovely guests and the perfect venue had a garden (well a field really) which Aaron (and others) got to have a kick-about in! I spent some time out there, as it is lovely getting time in the great doors whenever Mr Sun makes a visit!

I am the sort of person who oscillates between being INCREDIBLY organised to not being organised at all. On any given day, nobody knows which I am going to be. Saturday was not one of my best days, as we had to get the birthday boy's present on the way.

I knew I wanted to go to Kiddicare as it is my favourite shop but given that our local store opened when Aaron had just turned 3 years old, I had no idea where the toys suitable for a 1 year old were. So I was that customer! You know the one who marches in and asks staff to help find things when they haven't even had a cursory glance around themselves. I like to give an explanation for my behaviour so the staff member was greeted with "I am on the way to a birthday party" in the sort of tone of voice someone would tell Fireman Sam that he needs to get there as soon as he can!

She patiently showed me to the 12 month old toys, without looking at me as if I was unhinged, but the second I saw them, I remembered how Aaron had already outgrown this type of toy at the age of 1. How right I was. When I met the birthday boy, later, I discovered he started walking at 10 months!!!!!

I then said to my patient assistant "what's popular?" and she took me to a Fisher Price lawn mower that blows bubbles. It's for ages 2-5, but the second I saw it I just knew it was the one. At 27 pounds it was outside my budget. When I make a spontaneous decision like that I have to justify it to my own mind, so I just told myself that the extra money could make up for us not getting a newborn present! Problem solved. Now in any ordinary toy shop, you'd then have to worry about a birthday card and wrapping paper, BUT Kiddicare appears to have thought of everything as they have greetings cards (I don't know what age they go up to) and they had one that was perfect!

They also have a choice of two wrapping papers, conveniently on a roll dispenser, with cellotape and scissors that are all free to use! Convenient yes! Look:

Aaron really has an exceptional natural talent for football. He dribbled the ball with FULL control all round the field with 2 girls chasing him. Given that they had longer legs and were double his age I don't quite know how he did it, but I was a proud mum. I did several times ask him to stop and kick the ball to them, but he wasn't having it, so after a good few laps of the field the girls got bored of the chase and then Aaron played with Daddy. I was out there taking about 50 photos of them. The one with the curtains is due to me going inside to help tidy the hall.

By the time us guests left, Mum and Dad of the birthday boy were able to leave too, as the tidying was a collaborative effort, including emptying the kitchen, taking down balloons, and bringing presents to the car. Nothing worse than saying goodbye to your guests before you tidy up alone. That is a momentous task to do alone, when the adrenaline is starting to go, after pulling off a successful party.

Sorry I have not blogged in a while.

Liska xx

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  1. So glad to see Aaron going full pelt and that you enjoyed Mr Sun! X


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