Sunday 23 March 2014

Ordinary Moments - growth as time speeds right by

It's ordinary that children grow
They do it all the time,

From "there" to "here" they go
The wall chart I see him climb!

One minute it's a scooter
Next it's a balance bike!

Then back to the scooter
But it's a grown up one to like!

The days of Chugginton are over
It's Skylander all the way

I see my toddler is long gone
A grown up boy in his place today

So growth I guess is normal
As time passes slowly by

If only it was slow for real
I take photos to capture it, I try!

I wish I could hit a pause button
A way of staying right "here"

To linger in a moment, me your Mother
And you my darling son dear!

Joining in with The Ordinary Moments:


P.S. We were originally given the Chuggington Scooter by Jenny at Treading on Lego. The new Skylander one, I actually bought him for Xmas 2012, but as it is only a 2 wheeler he was too wobbly on it. It resided in the cupboard till now, as last Summer he moved onto his balance bike, but now that his best friend has a scooter he wants one again but soon realised his is now too babyish, so he had a moan until Mummy magicked a scooter out of the cupboard "just like that!" - you should have seen his little delighted face, especially as his friend was waiting for him outside.


  1. What a beautiful poem, you are so talented with words, I wish I could write them like you do. He is growing up, it's so bittersweet isn't it? x


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