Saturday 15 March 2014

Muppets Most Wanted Preview Review

On Sunday 23rd February we were incredibly lucky and saw a Press Preview of 

over a month early!!!

It was a top secret mission and I was forbidden (an enforced embargo) to mention it online until 12th March (yes I am a couple of days late) but still plenty of time for you to read this prior to its exciting official release on 28th March.

Watch the official trailer here:

and a more recent one here:

The story line (Kermit being in prison while Constantine pretends to be him) reminded me of Face Off. No problem there whatsoever as Face Off is one of my all time favourite movies! Love it! Constantine covered his "mole" in green makeup and stuck one on Kermit to achieve the swap!

The CIA versus Interpol scenes were amongst my favourites.

I also really loved Tina Fey, even though prior to the film, I had never heard of her.

Aaron seemed to understand the adult humour in the "My name first and then "space bar space bar space bar" your name!" joke and talked about it for days.

So you don't have to just listen to my opinion, I am showing you a film reviewer reviewing the movie here:

I didn't watch the 1st movie, so I had no issues with needing this one to measure up. I loved it for what it was: BRILLIANT!

It's one of those films that acknowledges that adults are sitting with their kids at the cinema, so there's plenty for adults to enjoy, yet Aaron (3 years old) was ALSO hooked start to finish as were my nieces (10 and 6).

In the opening scenes there were a couple of scary scenes that had Aaron sitting on the floor. I had thought if it carries on like this, he will ask to leave, and given I was the only adult, potentially we'd all have to leave, but luckily he then watched the remaining 95% of the movie without issue.

The movie is like a musical in that the whole cast often breaks into song, but it adds to rather than distracts from the movie, and you don't spend the latter half of the song wanting the movie to continue, you actually enjoy it.

I was a big Muppets lover as a child, and this movie did the Muppets justice. Miss Piggy and Kermit both had the voices I know and love. I also loved Ricky Gervais, consistently, throughout the film, even though ordinarily I am not at all a fan.

Overall I would yes, have paid to see the film and would easily award it 5 stars out of 5! Even without balloons and face painters being present.

My resounding memory of the Muppets from my childhood is the theme tune:

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