Wednesday 12 March 2014

Your Super Hero Winter

It was the Winter that was ALL about Super Heroes. 

Well you are a boy after all. I had seen +anya harris 's son go through this phase so I wasn't too surprised. In fact your love of her son at Featherdown Farm may have even prompted it.

As below you loved your Spiderman wellies, so so much, until tragically they developed a hole within 6 weeks and thankfully +TK Maxx changed them for a new pair. Sadly what was available in your size that day was Robot Wellies, so you were sad to see Spiderman go.

It was fine though, as you still had your Spiderman suitcase (as above) - a present from your Auntie, and of course you had your Spiderman costume from Daddy for Xmas. You shared your Transformer costume from your Uncle Moin, with your cousin, so that you could both dress up together all through Xmas, on the wonderful days that we spent at Grandmas:

You weren't a Super Hero everyday though. Sometimes you were mine all mine:

Your favourite phrase at the moment is "I can do anything!" "I am a strong boy!" so of course sometimes you were both mine AND a super hero, like this:

As I type this, despite it now being Spring, he is at nursery right now in a Superman jacket, so his relationship with Superheroes has survived the turning of the Seasons and the changing of the year.

I am linking up with day 2 of the amazing #OneWeek linky over at Older Single Mum in a Muddle.

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  1. Fab Liska Fab! They both look great in their costumes. Girls seem to go through a fairy/princess stage - that's where Little A is at at the moment. But especially loving the last two pictures of you and Aaron. X

  2. Another lovely post x My oldest was into Ben 10 from a fairly early age ( I blame nursery!) so didn't really do superheroes (unless you count Ben 10 as one!) , but my 4yo went through a huge spiderman and bat man phase, he was often to be found dressed as Spider-Man :)

  3. Thought I'd commented on this previously - thanks for the mention - great to see he's with the programme. My youngest s still in the phase in between school uniform days, which, fortunately he took to without issue, because I was really worried he wouldn't with his superhero fascination! XX


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