Sunday 9 March 2014

Summer weather in Spring. 9th March 2014 London.

It was predicted to be 18 degrees in London today so Aaron and I ensured we were out in good time to enjoy it. 

Apparently that's double the temperature we should be having at this time of year. Whatever! I am loving it, especially given that we had NO SPRING at all whatsoever last year, as evidenced by the fact that it snowed in April - I even blogged about it, on this here blog, in the form of a poem. 

I had a Summer dress on today and no cardigan (whereas yesterday I needed one). Considering they said 17 degrees for yesterday and 18 for today, I couldn't understand the huge difference in how I felt but I did see one web search saying 21, but there is no point linking to it, as I think it is a "now" result so will constantly change. It came up as a result of searching:

Well... whether it was 18 or 21 it was glorious. Aaron and I spent the whole day in the park. The Evening Standard says it was hotter than Ibiza!

I took Aaron to a park neither of us have ever been to before. He's used to going to our usual favourites - near and far; walking distance and a bus ride away. He cycled very slowly, today, as we entered the park, by his standards, as the playground came into focus. I could tell that he was approaching with trepidation whilst he got his bearings bless him. Of course being a blogger I captured that moment:

Bless my little Aaron we went to a park we have never been to before, and he wandered from slide to swing to climbing apparatus acting a bit aimless and friendless. Wow he was a different boy when he made a friend of Archie, and they cycled round together and spent ages throwing twigs and branches in the pond, and gathering them. Boys will be boys. Us two Mums chatted and relaxed whilst they played. Was very lovely. Such a different boy once he had company.

I just know he will skip into that park confidently, like he does to all of our others now that he knows it. It was a good find and I don't know why we've never been before - we certainly will be going again, and next time with friends, although it was lovely to spontaneously meet some, for Mum and son alike.

We stayed there for a wee while after they left and Aaron continued to throw twigs in the pond (below). The pics of him climbing on a fallen tree above were also after they left.

I took the above pic so many times with so many different settings until I was (nearly) satisfied that the pic reflected the shade of blue that the sky was. Some settings blanched it and didn't do it justice!

After so many hours playing Aaron refused to walk or cycle home, but he had to walk to a sweet shop as I needed to top up my Oyster Card and thankfully despite it being Sunday evening there was one open.

That led to me ending up spending money as of course he wanted something to eat and drink and I ended up buying a Sunday paper. I won't tell you which one as you will kill me dear reader!

I am so glad I bought a refrigerated pizza on the way home from the park yesterday as that was straight in the oven and inhaled by us both when we hot in hungry and tired.

Aaron reluctantly went to sleep - I thought it would be much easier given our busy day but he kept saying "it's too dark" despite the corridor light being on. I turned off all the lights to show him what real darkness is, but when I turned them back on, he said it again - yep stubborn and difficult, but thankfully 5 minutes later asleep. Isn't it funny how when they're like that, we wish them asleep but then 5 minutes later miss their presence?!?!?

Ah well bed beckons for me too now.

Liska xxx


  1. I love parks. I was going to say an English park but I think all European parks hold a special magic for me. It's sort of domesticated outdoors.

  2. I could not agree more with you, just ENJOY! Last year it felt as though the cold never ended, my son and I have also been out non-stop these days. And the picture turned out great, so it was well worth fiddling around with the settings! HAPPY SPRING!

    Angie from reasons to dress

  3. Looks like a great time. My wee man likes finding someone he can play with now even if the other party can be somewhat reluctant. I am trying to up the anti in organising play dates. You have been very lucky with the weather....not so lucky here :( Today being Monday of course it was nice!


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