Wednesday 21 May 2014

A Poem about A Day in The Life of a 3 Year Old Boy and his Stressed Mum

Today was really tough 
Not a day to be a Mum 
Put you in a creche for hours 
And became a mum on the run 

I did a bit of shopping 
heard my thoughts complete 
But when it came to 6 o'clock 
It was you I was to meet 

Your smile lit up my heart
Your words warmed up my soul 
The stresses and strains of earlier 
No longer took their toll 

We had a lovely bus journey home 
A beautiful Summer evening 
But temper tantrums came again 
Again it was you I was leaving 

This time I left you in your bed 
After you'd fell to sleep 
I didn't kiss your brow or say goodnight 
I only wanted to weep 

I patiently read you several stories 
You only wanted to be naughty 
My patience is running paper thin 
I had you too close to forty 

I hope tomorrow's a brand new day 
I hope that things get better 
I cannot cope with 3 year antics 
Else I'll have to write a letter 

What it will say I can't be sure of 
But it will say "son I love you dear" 
But my sanity's on a knife edge 
So son it's time to be clear 

I am the Mother you are the son 
I am taking back the control
There'll be some discipline and more routine
That's the way this house will roll

It's the way it's got to be 
So one day I can be proud 
Proud we got through your threenage year 
Without things getting too loud 

Y'see it's the noise I can't bear 
The shouting the whinging 
My waist getting wider 
As I seek comfort in binging 

Where have I gone?  
No longer recognise me 
It's time to make changes 
If only

That pic was him tonight on the bus home - butter wouldn't melt!

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  1. Aww! You're right butter wouldn't melt....So adorable!
    Hugs to you! Sounds like you need them!

    1. Today's been a MUCH better day - thanks for the hugs xx

  2. God I have so many days like this! Toddlers are sent to try us! xx

    1. Your poems when you have days like that are SUPERB m'lady.
      Liska xx

  3. Oh Liska. You are such a MARVELLOUS poet. My heart weeps for you. Consistency and discipline really helps - reward charts are fab. Soon he'll be at school and you'll miss him. Lots of love to you xx

    1. This one concentrates more on what happened, than me making the poem itself flow, so I hope it's up to my usual standard ;-)

  4. I feel for you, my two whine and moan at me too so I just keep them as busy as I can!

    1. Do they run off in Shopping Centres? I know it's a sign he is strong-willed, secure and confident but boy oh boy is it stressful and everybody stares :-( xxx

  5. That is lovely, you can take control and enjoy being together. x

    1. We do normally, and we will again. Thanks so much for reading and commenting xx

  6. Great poem. I can totally relate. Good luck with the three age years Zx

  7. aw i always say that my daughter was sent to test me, she is double of me trouble at her age x

  8. Oh I hope you are o.k. I can echo a lot of what you say, although Baby is only 13 months she is teething again and whines and cries all the time. She also has separation anxiety so it like a little siren when you go out of the room. My waist line also needs A LOT of attention xxx

  9. Could have been written by my Mum since I was a nightmare as a kid. She needed a medal I think. Probably not as bad as when I was a teenager though so it kind of puts you in training for that I think. Very nicely written indeed.

  10. Aww honey...a lovely poem that really speaks what you're going through at the'll get better, I'm sure of it. xxx

  11. Ah bless you, sounds like you could do with a hug x x x

  12. that really captures the good and the bad of parenting! Hope you're having a better day today x

  13. he is gorgeous! great poem... toddlers can be hard work!

  14. Oh I can so relate to 20 month old can already drive me up the wall! x

  15. What a fantastic poem! He looks like a wonderfully happy chappy and is very lucky to have you as a mummy :-)
    Love Vicky
    Around and Upside Down

  16. Great poem, we have all been there my dear. I really hope tomorrow is a new day!!! #prose4t

  17. When they know how to push your buttons they really can go for it in a big way! Love that you used a poem to get your feelings out and order your thoughts. Tomorrow is a new day xx

  18. That just about sums up being Mother. Whoever said parenthood was easy had no clue about anything!

  19. Really enjoyed this. I get the 'too close to 40' I was 40 when I had my son but I think it gave me patience.

  20. *sending you huge hugs* I hope tomorrow brings a better day. x

  21. Threenages are SUCH hard work aren't they? But he is super cute!! I hope today is a better day for you :)

  22. I can so relate to this - I have one son who is definitely a threenager (we thought we were safe having missed the terrible twos with him - so wrong!), and an 20mo who is hitting the terrible twos already. Combined with the fact I'm pregnant as well, I'm exhausted!! Xx

  23. Beautiful poem. I can relate to days like this, hope things have settled down for you xx

  24. Fingers crossed a better day was had today.

  25. Oh hun I so feel for you in this poem - Little Man is starting to assert himself at only 18 months and I know what's coming. It can be hard to stop everything becoming a battleground and escalating into a shouting match - if you find the secret let me know! Lovely heartfelt poem x

  26. Ah the threenager - it is stressful isn't it. He looks like butter wouldn't melt in that photo

  27. Oh we all have days like this! He looks so cute! x

  28. What a lovely poem.
    I bet your little one will love it in years to come

  29. hugs to you .
    it is a great poem x


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