Tuesday 20 May 2014

Sorry I have not been blogging much but here I am back...

I kind of lost my blogging mojo...a few things happened... quite a few things happened... every day a different reason to not blog.

However on Friday, I was feeling quite good so I vlogged:

Remember the T-mobile / EE blog post  I wrote... well they said they would recalculate my bill within 72 hours, but the week after that, I called them and they said my recalculation wasn't due till the day after. 8 days from complaint. 5 working days from complaint (their policy)... they called me a day late, i.e. I called them on Tuesday, they said I would hear from them Wednesday, and I actually heard from them on the Thursday.  The bill I complained about was 180 pounds instead of the usual 6 pounds.  In the phonecall they said they have been able to deduct 149 off that, hopefully my 35 pounds GRIEF compensation (what I asked for when they gave me grief) will take care of the rest......... it did, suffice to say, tarnish the joy of upgrading somewhat... but on another level, my phone is still performing incredibly well, and can cope with everything I need it to do unlike its predecessor.  EE take heed though, if you expect people to come over to 4G, then you need to do the recalculating behind the scenes before issuing bills. It's not a way to thank someone for staying with you for another 24 months.

That very same Thursday, AO.com came to my rescue. I had ordered a Zanussi cooker from them, which had various failings, to say the least, and they replaced it, well outside their usual 10 day no quibble exchange.  Upon their advice I went for a Belling which is thus far performing incredibly well (once I get new knobs for it). From this whole process I have decided I would buy every appliance with them as their after sales service is superb, and they live and die by their reputation so they keep their promises. They refunded the 49 pounds (without reminder) as the replacement cooker was cheaper, and they delivered the new cooker at 7 a.m. (I may have met the lovely delivery guys at the door in my nightie *coughs*). They also reimbursed me the 50 pounds it cost me to have a 2nd cooker fitted.  The gas fitter clearly didn't mind repeat business a mere *nearly* month after having been at my house before (original cooker came just before Easter so that I could make an Easter Sunday roast for my cousin and her husband).

So that vlog above was done in the spirit of getting TWO customer complaints resolved. They'd both been sitting on my shoulders, and they were resolved on the same day, both satisfactorily and both with the help of some Tweets. The joy I felt, and the relief, was clear in my vlog, even a day later - it was recorded on the Friday evening.

I hope you clicked through and had a watch, as you'll get to see what me and Aaron look and sound like AND you'll see how funny it got, when he caught me vlogging and kind of took over.  I am glad he did as it might not have been nearly as entertaining if he didn't.  Please watch it on You Tube and like/share/subscribe and comment.

Thanks, love ya!

Liska xx


  1. Good for you for resolving your complaints and your Aaron is adorable - sharing your Friday night! Glad to see you have your blogging / vlogging mojo back X

  2. Enjoyed watching your vlog


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