Tuesday 6 May 2014

Until T Mobile and EE Work Out What They are Doing Don't Upgrade

I am absolutely horrified. Been with T-Mobile since the 1990s. A year ago I was being really frugal and as soon as I was due an upgrade (i.e. out of contract) I opted for sim only instead. A monthly bill of 6.95 pounds. Now you would think I'd end up going over ever month right? Not so, I have made that amount nearly every month since.

A week or so ago I popped into an EE store (I THOUGHT it was the new name for T-Mobile). I asked for a new phone battery as mine was fried. A VERY good saleswoman persuaded me to get an upgrade.

I have been like a kid with a new toy since I got the new phone. Faster internet. Better photos. Enough internal memory to run Facebook, Twitter, G+ etc (I had to take them off my old phone). Means I have been much more social with my social media and I have loved it...

But this morning happy me and happy phone came to an end, as a bill for over 180 pounds landed on my doorstep.

When I ring them and tell them, they say no, your existing bill is 9 pounds. When I stress I have it in front of me, they say "oh that must be from T Mobile" as if to say it is something else and irrelevant..... er no! Then they say I haven't paid it yet, as if to question my stress. I did not claim to have paid it I said "I have received a bill!!!!" I wish I could recreate the tone. It was like T Mobile are old news, nearly tantamount to saying ignore it, without actually saying it.

Then it's like it's fine as they are doing "migration" and it will be recalculated. Er no! Sorry! Do your migrating and your bill recalculating in your own time, behind the scenes and let me have a seamless transition thank you very much.

Just been on the phone to them from 12:30 till 14:30 on and off. Spoke to a total of five people, with only the last one being a manager...

Reason for speaking to so many people... because I had to be transferred to the "T Mobile team", as if they are two different companies.......... and if they are not they are CERTAINLY two different departments, and it shows with all of the tone and terminology they use. Jargon to do with migration etc... None of which is my concern.

When I complain that I did not KNOW I was changing from T Mobile to EE, they sarcastically say they can change you back - like yeah right!?!?!? You experience faster internet, experience THEIR teething problems and then YOU the customer LOSE OUT when THEY decided to take the faster internet back OFF you! Hell NO!!!

Once speaking with a Manager:
After much explaining and re-explaining by me, and me suggesting a goodwill gesture, the recalculation of the bill has gone from a lead time of 5-7 days to now being 72 hours, and I have achieved a credit on my account of 35 pounds!!

But, like I say, blood pressure raised, very very stressed and it has ruined my free time whilst Aaron is at nursery, for which I'd planned some pretty important things that I needed to do!

Thanks T-Mobile. Seems like with customer loyalty it is the CUSTOMER that is loyal.

You SHOULD be like a duck. Floating on the water (with the paddling and peddling) with the data migration and re-calculating of bills happening behind the scenes (BELOW the water).

You changing companies is NOT my problem!


  1. Unfortunately, when companies make these changes, it becomes the customer's problem because they are always the ones who end up losing out. These huge corporations make me sick. I've had plenty issues with EE (or are they Orange, or perhaps TMobile?) Who knows! I imagine the customer service assistants are confused too. I have massive problems with them last year when not one assistant was interested in helping me sort out a problem I had. I use a BlackBerry - EE blamed BlackBerry for my issue. BlackBerry blamed EE. I went onto Twitter and complained and as is always the case, they started private messaging me because they didn't want me airing their dirty linen in public. I was going to move to O2, but I believe they are very poor also. It's become a massive problem in the UK for mobile phone networks to give shoddy service and offer NO loyalty whatsoever.

    CJ x

  2. Oh dear. Hope you're sorted now - ish *crosses fingers* xx


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