Thursday 26 June 2014

Life Begins at Naughty Forty

Turning 40 was a huge deal for me. I was VERY grumpy about it. I've got a very fun loving "in my 20s" kind of attitude, but I no longer have the night life or the figure. 

Entering a new decade spoke to me, in ways I did not want to hear. So imagine my delight when I discovered I could be naughty - just like the bingo call: "naughty forty". Whether that's eating crisps with Aaron at 10 o'clock at night or being silly with him in the park. 40 can mean the beginning and not the end.

So the next time you hear someone say "life begins at 40" don't give them a sympathetic (pathetic) smile, because really, they might just mean it!

I actually have a glow in my photos now that I didn't have in my 20s - as my husband says back then I never showed my teeth so my smiles didn't look radiant enough. I then learned that the camera doesn't notice every detail of my teeth, or maybe there are times I am so fit to bursting I smile so much I literally can't help but show my teeth. I'd shake that girl up if I could talk to her now and say you've got the figure, you've got your youth, enjoy it while it lasts. I'd give anything to look like that now (well maybe not anything) ;-) Actually when I first started smiling like that, I just really didn't care, but when I did start to look closelt at photos, I realised it is only my top teeth that show - hooorahhh - and it is the bottom ones tha are bonkers wonkers! (and thankfully hidden)!

For my 40th we wanted to make it a family affair, so hubby, Aaron and I headed off to Westfield Stratford, where we enjoyed some ten-pin bowling. I was on the team at university so this was right down my (bowling) alley - or is that lane? Ha ;-)

This was us that day:

So I mentioned bingo calls above. I recently had the pleasure of making a naughty forty one, for Costa and the hubby kindly recorded it for me. It is part of 90 videos that will go live on this YouTube channel during this 6 weeks period. 

It's REALLY good fun playing "spot the blogger" - I've already recognised quite a few. Put the kettle on and see who you can spot. I've already spotted Mirka at All Baby Advice amongst others. Oh, and if you get stuck on any, simply stalk the hashtag #CostaBingoCalls on Twitter and you will soon work out who is who :-)

Don't watch my vid (below) here, click through and watch them over on You Tube on a "playlist" - they're GREAT FUN I can promise you. Even where the blogger's face is not shown, I recognise quite a few voices :-)

I did a little research on Wikipedia to find out more about bingo calls but my precious 40 is not even listed there!

What's your favourite Bingo Call?

This post is a collaboration with Costa Bingo. Making the video was great fun!


  1. I have felt the same about 40! I remember someone said 'it's all downhill after 21' and I have to say that it worried me, never goes down hill. Sometimes it goes uphill, sometimes downhill and sometimes neither!

    1. I am delighted I am on an uphill trajectory at present and I get the impression you are too. Thank God 40's NOT the beginning of the end ;-) xxxx


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