Thursday 26 June 2014

Rediscover the Old You to be the New You

I had a brainwave the other day, I think it was Tuesday, the same day I recorded my thoughts on BritMums Live, so I actually did a 2nd vlog that day, which I am just about to upload.

It is about how we lose ourselves when we become a Mother. But how sad is that? We spend years saying to the love of our life: "you complete me" - then we give up all of our hobbies when we become a Mum, and although we don't say it outloud to our offspring, we are projecting to them "you incomplete me".

So I want you to do a sort of bucket list, except it is a list of things you HAVE done before that you WILL or ARE doing again.

Make the foundation, of what made the old you, happy, in order to build on that foundation to create the new you. Because let's face it, you are NEW. You are a New Mum (online) like me, no matter how old your child is. I am only discovering the new me now and Aaron is 4 years old.

So here's my #NewMumFun list
    1. cycling - tick
    2. making time for me - tick
    3. reading a good book - needs work
    4. meditation - on the to-do list
    5. yoga - on the to-do list
    6. poetry - tick (did an Open Mic session last night - go me!)
    7. watching the soaps - triple tick as I never stopped
    8. eating healthily - on the to-do list
    9. spending quality time with the husband - we are now doing this yyyeaaaah!
    10. breathing (I call it Pranayama) - made a start!
    11. a daily spiritual practice - made a start
    12. being "conscious" - made a start
    13. connecting with my yoga satsang - needed
    14. teaching Kundalini Yoga once again - needed
    15. connecting with My Mum! - much needed
I will continue to update and work with this list.

What do you need to do to reconnect with the old you? To create foundations for the new you?

Share with me,
Liska xxx

If you are reading this read my last post too, as it is a FUN video I made about turning 40, bingo calls stylie!


  1. That is a great list! You know, a few years ago, I was this vegetarian health freak! And then, somehow it got lost along the way. I started smoking and eating meat and not caring about the things I used to care about - the environment, animal welfare etc. Then a few months back, it was like something clicked in my head and I became more 'me' than I had in years. Somehow I reconnected with who I was and simply became who I really am (again).

    1. Holly I am sure it's this new energy that is helping us go within. Go you that you've already done so xx

  2. You haven't blogged in weeks then TWO in ONE day???? Love the new header pic :)

    1. And did you see my BritMums Live post Jenny too? L xx


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