Tuesday 19 August 2014

Time To Relax

Wow it's good to have some quality time with Daddy and Aaron, today, after acting like a clucky Mother Duck to Aaron and his cousins for the past fortnight.

Home seems empty but in a calm way, not a bereft way. Even Aaron seems to be "chilled" rather than lonely. As usual it is because he always taps into and feeds off my mood. I should try to remember that when I am stressed.

Ooooh here he comes... maybe I won't get to finish this blog post after all. We plan on "Aaron's bed" shopping today. We don't need to get a mattress thank goodness as I will be reviewing this one: Dormeo Memory Deluxe when it arrives.

It's amazing how you only feel tired when you stop. Up until now I was running on adrenaline, but now my body has said "hey Lady, time to slow down" and I am listening. I have to. My energy reserves are depleted.

As much as it was tough being a Mum to Four lately I did occasionally get chance to sit down
And it wasn't always in barefeet 
I have such bad plantar fasciitis that putting my feet up sometimes was a necessity, unless I want to be on Ibuprofen every hour of every day!

A bit of a sort out, when I was doing more cooking and cleaning than I ever have in my life - 33 meals in 11 days x 5 - meant I came across a box of dishes that we got 13 years ago as a wedding present. I really love them. A lot of breakages in recent years meant I didn't have a complete matching set of anything so this is great. Long may they last. Washing up is a bit of a novelty whilst I have these (all in one piece).
At Lollibop I even got chance to sit and have a coffee - thanks for a great chilled out stand Vita Co Co for Kids.
The great thing about being surrounded in little people is that there is always a photographer onhand so I am not just limited to selfies :-)
So bye for now, and wish me luck bed shopping. Sorry I have not blogged as often lately, but I've been busy busy busy.

Liska xxx


  1. I love your crockery. Is it Willow Pattern? You are so right about not stopping giving you the momentum to carry on. My mum used to say, when she got home from a full day of work to face the household chores, "the trick is not to sit down or you'll not get up again." I hope you've gained masses of family credit for taking in the cousins for two weeks and that they remember this for a long time to come. xxx

    1. Thanks so so much for such a lovely comment. No, it's nothing posh, just looks good. I visited your blog and was delighted with your good news - I think my comment went into moderation (hope it was not swallowed) xxx

    2. Ah, you read the title but not the post itself. No good news on that front. Sorry.


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