Friday 22 August 2014

Trying to Turn Back the Years - Investigating Microdermabrasion

I am at an age now – 41 – where I am starting to care about my appearance, or should I say fret about my appearance. Up to now makeup was not a necessity as I’ve always been blessed with good skin, but I am starting to lose the age battle.
I am currently reading up on Microdemabrasion as this is a treatment that claims to “renew a fresh young looking glow to your skin” which is exactly what I am missing and desire.
I know I don’t drink enough water and my diet is currently bad to say the least, but with age on top of that I am losing the beauty battle, and not quite ready to embrace my senior years yet *sniff*. Plus 40 is the new 30 no?
Microdermabrasion purports to be “plastic surgery without the plastic” which suits me just fine as I am completely terrified of knives/needles and really any kind of medical intervention. Yes labour was interesting to say the least, and don’t even go there with their examinations to see how dilated I was!!!
I think of the treatments listed I would go for Face and Neck from £70

I’ve been incredibly lucky in that I have never suffered from acne, at all, not even during my teen hormonal years. However if it is something that plagues you – I know adults suffer from it too then have a look at this clearskin challenge 

“The microdermabrasion technique works with microcrystals, which are hard enough to disrupt unwanted tired skin cells that cause dull looking skin. But small enough not to do any damage or even cause discomfort or pain. The technique involves propelling the microcrystals across the skin's surface, removing only the top layer of skin cells. This technology reveals new, living cells leaving a healthy glow. The epidermal layers of the skin are rejuvenated leading to collagen production and plumper skin.

Microdermabrasion is a progressive procedure. After the first session your skin will feel softer and you may see a very subtle improvement. Generally a course of sessions is required to gain visible improvement. Your skin however will improve with additional treatments as increased circulation is noted within the dermis and newer, healthier skin cells are produced”.
All interesting info sourced from sk:n clinics Microdermabrasion 

Call 0121 5678 360 

if you have any questions

What I love about the sound of it, is that there are no artificial or even natural substances injected – I for one would never go for botox for example. The treatment removes dead and tired cells (I wonder if I would have any left ha ha)! Your body then does the regeneration to replace them with younger looking vibrant skin.

It sounds like just the ticket for me actually.

The best bit is that there is no pain or discomfort apparently.

Have you ever suffered from acne? Or like me, are you just starting to notice the tracks of age on your face? I know stressful periods cause me to look older and relaxing with lots of beauty sleep often turns back the years. What's your story? Shall we fight the turning of the years together?

This post is a collaboration. 


  1. I think microdermabrasion is wonderful - have had one or two facials and my skin always feels amazing after. Tbh though, I use one of those electronic rotating brushes every morning, and that sloughs off dead surface cells and I think they are great everyday "maintenance"! Would love you to link this up to next week Tuesday's All About You linkup xx

  2. I would consider it, but at the moment cinnamon and oatmeal scrubs about burn my skin off as it is so sensitive!


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