Friday 19 September 2014

Get Yourself Off To Aldi for the Baby and Toddler Event BARGAINS - Be a Frugal Thrifty Mum

I went to Aldi yesterday for the first day of the Baby and Toddler Special Buys event. It started 18th September and will be in store until the new CYCLING event starts on 25th. As with all Special Buys "when they're gone they're gone!"

What took me there was I was sent the Baby Changing Bag to review, which is rather scrumptious and only 14.99 GBP. Here is my extensive HONEST review of it:

I was amazed by the Baby and Toddler Event bargains I saw in the Special Buys aisle. I took a photo of the things that really struck me:
Above you'll see the colour me playhouse which I VERY nearly bought but decided to be frugal instead.

I thought the sport buggy and high chair were right bargains especially given that they are known brands!

I took a pic (bottom right above you'll see linen AND duvets there) of the bedding as we are just about to decorate Aaron's bedroom, and have received delivery of his bunkbed, just waiting to get it built! With the same thing in mind, as he'll no doubt sleep on the bottom bunk at first I was also eyeing up the Lindam Safety Toddler Bed Rail (bottom left above which comes in blue and pink).

If you are a New Mum, or pregnant, I would get yourself off to your local Aldi, to the Special Buys aisle, because as always "when they're gone they're gone". They have to be gone in time for the Cycling event on 25th September which I am also reviewing, due to Aaron and I doing the #SchoolPedal every day (6 miles a day for me and 3 for him, or on football days 7 for him and 10 for me)!

While I was there I did some food shopping and everything was extremely affordable.

Disclosure: I was given a voucher to spend instore and the Changing Bag to review, for the purposes of letting you know about this SUPER Baby and Toddler Event!

I will be uploading my You Tube video of the Changing Bag very soon!

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