Saturday 20 September 2014

Crying as I Type This - My Today Poem Penned: Naughty Boy

Oh naughty boy naughty boy 
where are you?
Right next to you Mama, 
stuck like glue.

Oh naughty boy naughty boy
is school where you'll be?
No I'm good for my teachers, 
just naughty for thee.

But naughty boy naughty boy,
You're hurting my head
I know Dear Mama,
let's play and have fun instead.

But naughty boy naughty boy
why do I see your worst?
Because Mama I love you
Till my heart's filled to burst.

But naughty boy naughty boy
Don't you know, a good boy's better for all to see
Yes Mama I know that very well, 
but you'll love me no matter how I'll be.

But naughty boy naughty boy
I can't love you, I need rest.
Because Dear Mama
I've put it to the test,

But naughty boy naughty boy
What do you mean?
I mean beautiful Mama,
I'm heard AND I'm seen.

I'm here when you wake,
I'm here when you sleep,
I'm here to give cuddles
and smile when you weep.

I might make you tired
I might make you stressed
But we both know for sure
It's me you love best!

Copyright: Liska NewMumOnline 20th September 2014

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  1. They do put us through it don't they!
    Hugs to you and I hope Aaron is better behaved soon x


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