Wednesday 24 September 2014

How to create space in the bedroom for children to play

Allowing our children to express themselves and play in the comfort of their own home is a wonderful sight for any Mum to see as they develop invaluable life skills and delve into their never ending source of imagination. I always enjoy playing games with Aaron as it helps create an ever-lasting bond filled with love and understanding, but equally there are often times where they grow in learning by playing alone. Their times come alive when they give them voices and role play, some ideas coming from imagination, and the rest ideas they gleaned from playing with Mummy.

Although as Mums we sometimes prefer to take our little ones to soft play classes to provide a source of exercise and fun, I strongly believe that creating space to play at home is equally beneficial. I've seen this so much in Aaron's short 4 years on this planet. This applies as much to indoors as outdoors in the garden, although limited space in their bedroom often requires thought about alternative furniture and bedroom facilities. This can be the case because living room space is limited, or there is no spare room to transform into a children’s play area or play room. Aaron loves to be active in the morning, after breakfast and before leaving for school. He's particularly imaginative and playful after a good night’s sleep but it is fundamentally important to create fun-packed space to play without tripping over toys or feeling cramped. Hhhhm, about this, I tend to leave Aaron's Thomas tracks and Mega Blok's sets out and built, as I don't want to have to build them the next time he wants to play with them. This is where we differ as parents as Daddy would rather a minimalist environment, hence the need to create bedroom space, to get toys out of the sitting room and living room.

Choice of bed

As a Mum, I’m sure I speak for all Mums when I say one of the most important aspects of raising a child is ensuring they not only follow a regular sleeping pattern, but also have a comfortable bed to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep on a daily basis. The choice of bed sheets can nicely accompany the chosen bedroom décor for a girl or boy, but the most important part is the mattress. Children should be able to lay and relax on a mattress that not only supports their body weight, but also provides the element of comfort that protects joints and muscles as their body develops.

Standard or something different?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing a standard bed for your child if it provides the right support and comfort, but I always look for unique alternatives that not only function as excellent bedroom furniture, but also incorporate numerous facilities into one. Stompa beds represent a wonderful choice for Mums who have young children as the modern day alternative to bunk beds that also take storage and playful activities into consideration. The bunk aspect remains through small ladders which allow children to climb up and enjoy a good night’s sleep upon a comfortable foam mattress; the choice of pillows and duvet cover may be down to each individual child and their preferences, but I would suggest anything with matching colours or your child’s favourite superhero or cartoon character.

Stompa beds are designed with young boys and girls in mind, with the former carrying a football theme upon the pillows and tent veil below the bed, while the latter can enjoy numerous shades of purple and pink along with flower patterns. Most stompa beds provide a play slide at the other side of the bed to allow children to slide down safely as they wake up in the morning in a playful, happy mood, or whenever they need to pop to the loo, or make a middle of the night visit to Mummy and Daddt. While I believe the slide is an excellent addition, the tent facility created underneath the bed is ideal for two reasons. It not only allows your child to enjoy playing in their own confined space which is safe and creates fun games if they have friends over, but also serves as a wonderful storage facility for your child to keep their toys without worrying over them becoming a trip hazard. I would highly recommend stompa beds for mothers who wish to provide their children with the most practical, yet fun and playful bedroom which they'll instantly fall in love with.

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  1. Wow! I love their stuff - really original :)))

  2. Great post! We are very lucky in that O's bedroom is huge... We live in an old two bed terrace and his room is the bigger one (when we first moved in prior to having him we wanted the room nearest the bathroom hence taking the smaller one!!) He has a low level full sized single because we never saw the point in getting our tall boy a toddler sized bed and as a real bedtime wriggler knew a higher bed was out of the question. But he has so much space that not only is the ample storage but we can also leave his train tracks up at night and he still has room to run around. I don't know what we would have done in a smaller bedroom to be honest!!


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