Tuesday 23 September 2014

Affordable Cycling Wear for the School Run #SchoolPedal

It's no secret if you follow me on Twitter that we cycle to and from school. We've been so blessed since he started on 3rd September that it's been clear and sunny every day. I have been able to cycle to and from school in just a t-shirt, even at 08:30 in the morning when it's not that warm yet. Yes I am warmer on the way back at 09:10 than I am at 08:30, but it's far from cold. The brisk cycle there certainly wakes you up if the coffee's not done it's job.

Today, for the first time I looked a bit LIKE a cyclist. Thanks to a press sample from Aldi. What do you think?
Aldi Ultra Bright Cycling Shirt Special Buy
This is an Ultra Bright Cycling Shirt and is a penny short of only 10 pounds!

Every Sunday and Thursday special buys arrive in Aldi's stores. This Thursday the special buys aisle of the store will be dedicated to cycling.

I was thrilled to receive samples, and will be showing them all to you in this post. The above is the only one I have modelled thus far, so watch this space :-)

Just 3 weeks of cycling intensively and my silhouette is starting to change already, although you can see "wings" or a muffin top in the picture on the left above. Well it is a rather unforgiving skin tight top, but that just spurs me on to now watch what I eat. Yesterday I ate a quarter of a large pack of Rich Tea biscuits - naughty me, all that needs to STOP.

Until I finish this post, and model everything I have been sent, for now, have a looksie at the range on the Aldi Cycling Special Buys page.

Aha, I have now recorded what I was sent AND what I bought when the stock went live in store 25th September:

By the way, Aaron is in high top canvas "trainers" above as he reckons he can't cycle in his school shoes. I am learning FAST that cycling is ALL about the correct attire. One week into cycling we had to get a bike lock, that was long enough to thread through both of our bikes. Overall we are still UP on the cost of bus fares so we are in profit in a cost benefit analysis :-) and it's VERY good for my waist line. Cycling WAS aggravating my plantar fasciitis but my Podiatrist gave me advice on that - before and after cycling I have to STRETCH and I have to wear heels (wedges) when I am not cycling.

Okay, so today's (Wednesday 24th) #SchoolPedal was cancelled - first time we haven't cycled. Daddy gave us a lift in the car, and we collected Aaron by car last night too :-) Don't worry, I will be back on my bike tomorrow morning. 

I did do some modelling of some more Aldi bike wear for you in my garden. I even got the bike out and Daddy was my photographer. What do you think? 

By the way that is not my bottom, that is me showing you the pouches and zipped section at the back of the jacket. I think they're very handy! There are 3 open back pockkets and 1 zipped!

It's called a Winter Cycling Jacket - linked to there so you can check it out. All of this affordable cycling range hits Aldi tomorrow!


  • water resistant
  • wind resistant and
  • breathable
and might I add, very snug and comfortable!


  1. Thanks for this-I need to get myself and my daughter some lights. Will be shopping at Aldi on Thursday so I hope they're in stock!

  2. Wow, I didn't even know Aldi stocks clothes. I must pop to my local one next week and check them out.

  3. these look great - might have to pop and get some!

  4. Mini has an aldi cycle top it is great. PS - Helmets are all you are both missing! (wink)

  5. My husband had some Aldi cycling gear when he first started cycling to work. Sadly I'm too small for any of their gear.

  6. I didn't realise that Aldi stocked clothes either, these would be great for cycling to work. x

  7. They do look great, Aldi is such fab value for money x

  8. The clothes look really great and I bet they are comfortable too!

  9. I love Aldi for their random ranges of stuff! Just wish it was more permanent - like their plus size leggings!!

    Looking like a true cyclist Lisa! xx

  10. I didnt know Aldi did things like this, amazing x

  11. I do love Aldi's superbuy's


  12. I like how bright that jacket is - perfect for those darker nights - as a car driver I wish all cyclists wore bright clothing!

  13. Aldi is brilliant for a good few things. And at fantastic prices too!

  14. I really like the jacket an its nice and bright so you can be seen. I really need to get mine cycling as I really enjoy it myself

  15. They look great, I wouldn't have thought about using Aldi for cycle wear!


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