Sunday 2 November 2014

At Home in The Garden. Bringing the Outdoors IN!

I would dearly love to have a cabin in the garden. A hideaway nook for me and the husband to take turns to have some me-time in. Would be wonderful.

Tiger Lob Cabins have the perfect thing! They also have a shiny new blog called The Grassy Broad. Maybe I could be one of them if I got myself a cabin ;-) I'd certainly be more zen like ha ha!

Being that Aaron follows me everywhere, I know it'd be me and him out in the cabin, unless he was either at school, or busy with Daddy. I think I'd love being out there if I could convince them to both have an early night.

If you hop over to the Pinterest board you will see that I have chosen a coffee table that converts into a bed, so I could even have an early night tooooo if I got tired in there!

I haven't chosen an arm chair, as I don't want to encourage visitors to linger, and when I want to relax and get away from the desk, I will sit cross legged, zen like, in easy pose, on my yoga rug!

As you can see from my mood board, my needs are small. I'd only need a bookcase, a radio, a rug, a desk, some nice plants, and some nice lighting. I am a simplistic girl after all.

Minimalist would be the name of the game for my log cabin, and then I would add some personal items, that I wouldn't have to buy, like my sheepskin Kundalini yoga rug, and some throws. I'd bring my favourite mugs in there, and of course my favourite books that need that seclusion in order to be read.

I can imagine in this cosy nook of seclusion I could get back to my daily yoga practice, start sadhana once again, and even get back to teaching yoga again, like I did every Friday, for 6 years, right up until 38 weeks' pregnant. 

This beautiful cabin would be the perfect space to meditate and put the world to rights. After all, meditation benefits the space around you, so I could send out zen like vibes to all my neighbours, right from my own garden hideaway.

I've painted too good a picture in my mind. I want one now, like. right. now.

Don't be fooled by the childlike look of the book shelves. I have chosen these for their space saving qualities, as I want my yoga cabin to be spacious. It'll be all about the vibe, the lighting and the meditation baby!

A place free of the usual distractions (fridge and TV), a place where I can be at one with my higher self ;-)

This post is an entry for the competition over at 
As the competition states, yes indeed, I would like it to be a "stylish sanctuary" - that is exactly it!

I will leave you with a pic of me in my yoga days :-)

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