Monday 3 November 2014

My Dream Christmas Party Outfit

It's November now, so I give us ALL permission to use the C word: Christmas, there I said it!
I am now a stay at home Mum so no work Christmas Party for me, but a girl can dream. BUT one of my readers may indeed need some ideas so here goes.

As a Lady (I can hear you snigger if the word Lady makes you think of Little Britain as it does me) I always begin every outfit with the correct underwear.

People are starting to see through those long pants now. No, not literally. They are as opaque as they ever were, but people are seeing them for what they are, in that they just redistribute the bulge to other parts of your body, unless you wear the ones that go right up to touching your bra. The ones that end at the waist just give you a bigger muffin top than you have already, trust me, so a slip is the answer. I cannot mention a control slip though without having a little laugh to myself about this fabulously comical piece from Mid 30s Life: Pants on a Platform.

So this would be my choice: John Lewis Seam Free Control Full Slip Black, and judging by the excellent reviews it has had, I don't think I would experience what Rachel did. It's only thirty pounds too, which is quite reasonable.
John Lewis Seam Free Control Full Slip Black
I have lost weight from cycling Aaron to and from school. Actually to clarify, I don't own a scales so I cannot say definitively that my weight has changed but my shape certainly has and Daddy has confirmed it, so I think I would opt for this dress below. I am in my 40s and a size 18 and yes, I would wear this:
Ariella Nova Prom Short Dress Black and Champagne John Lewis
That beautiful Ariella Nova Prom Short Dress Black Champagne is only 149 GBP and with the pretend 250 John Lewis pounds I am playing with right now (to enter a competition) I could afford it within budget.

I only have 70 pounds left of my "budget" and I have just found the perfect thing, reduced to 70 pounds. Carvela Kitten Leather Sandals reduced to clear!
So, if you were to invite me to a Christmas Party, and I had 250 pounds that my friends is what I would wear, and I have chosen it all from the comfort of my own sitting room, all by a good old browse on John Lewis
Carvela Kurt Geiger Leather Sandals John Lewis

So, what will you be wearing this Christmas?

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  1. I love that dress - and glad you are shaping up - because it will make YOU happier - and those shoes are FAB. I hope you get to wear them :) X

  2. Thanks for the mention!! Gorgeous dress!! I'm on the hunt for a long, navy dress for a swanky dinner in December, will keep you posted (a summer dress, being in Oz and all!). Oh and I hope those shoes aren't made from kitten leather. ;-).


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