Friday 7 November 2014

Our Bonfire Night

Country Kids love getting out and about and what better excuse than Bonfire Night to a fireworks exhibition that would actually have a real life Bonfire; Aaron's first time seeing one.

I decided to put Aaron's skeleton costume (we reviewed it a few weeks ago for Aldi) on. Nobody else as it turned out was dressed up, but I didn't regret it as it meant it was really easy to spot him in the dark, if he walked a couple of steps away from us.
We've got SO much wear out of it. This is his 4th time wearing it - love it! Next year, keep an eye out for their Halloween Special Buys week a few weeks before Halloween - bargains to be had AND way cheaper than buying from those online costume companies. You may remember from the end of my Halloween post that even I had a costume :-)
We go to a fireworks display every year but we have never been to one with a real bonfire before so Aaron was amazed and spent about 30 minutes staring at it. He was fascinated that the flames got lower as the wood burned down. There was a fun fair there, which Aaron was thrilled with. The ride he is standing by below was something you walked through, and even up a level. Every few feet there was an activity you had to climb on, or over or through. It was like a soft play area without any soft. Never seen anything like it before but Aaron loved it, and was over the moon that Daddy went on it with him.
I love it when Daddy is off work and we do things as a family because I can get pictures like this that I can treasure forever: 
Even though I don't have a DLSR I do have the function for background defocus, so this is my attempt at a clever shot. Sadly I cannot show you ANY of my pictures of the fireworks, because as good as my point and shoot is, it just didn't cope at all. So jealous of +TheBoyandMe who can even take fireworks photos with her PHONE - that is SOME phone! Samsung like mine but way superior...
My favourite picture of the night has to be this one. Aaron just adored the Thomas train, and insisted going on it twice, even though Daddy couldn't understand how he could love such a slow ride, but Aaron despite his 4 years continues to adore trains and Thomas like he has done since he was 1.
So as usual my Aaron, definitely a #CountryKids kind of boy, had plenty of outdoor time. Given that Halloween was 21 degrees and I didn't even need a jacket on the way home that night, none of us on 5th November (Bonfire Night) had gloves on. So as wrapped up as Aaron is, he did have cold hands on the way home. We'd been standing there for 90 minutes if you add up the fun fair time, the bonfire and the fireworks; on the way home my toes and my fingers were both numb. I made us all a BIG family dinner when we got in and the heating went straight on. God knows what we'll do when the temperatures really drop, as I think it was 10 degrees, and as we all know, it'll get down to zero and just below at some point. Time to dig out our hats, gloves and scarves me thinks! But then it is not everyday you stand around outside in the evening for 90 minutes so maybe we'll be alright for a few weeks yet.

Alright? Am I mad. Clearly I have already forgotten how drenched I got cycling back from the school pedal (#SchoolPedal) this morning. The wind and the rain were in my face all the way home, despite it being dry when we cycled to school. I am glad about that for Aaron though. When I got home I had to put my jacket and jeans straight in the washing machine as they were soaked. Wow, the wind blowing on wet jeans is a horrible feeling, and cycling against the wind is like cycling uphill. None of this will stop me and Aaron being outdoorsie though. I think we are BOTH of us #CountryKids :-)

Liska xxx

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  1. Good for you for cycling in the wind and rain! Aaron looks so cute in his skeleton costume in trout of the fire!

  2. That should read front not trout!

  3. Looks like it was a fun evening and I love all your photos. That skeleton outfit looks great and definitely a good one to help make Aaron more visible in the dark!

  4. I'm glad you had such a lovely time over Halloween and bonfire night we did too. :)

  5. Love the outfit, we had some skeletons's here for the day too, always a winner. The outdoor sort but hard play area looks lots of fun and it has to be a real bonfire for a proper fireworks party. Lots of fun. thankyou for sharing on Country Kids and helping me crack the code on the linky!


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