Tuesday 9 December 2014

A Children's Book for Those With Designer Taste Dog On Stilts for Christmas

So you need a book for your child, or as a gift for a relative or friend's child for Christmas, except you've got designer taste with a working wo/man's budget. You like books that have a deep message or moral, and you like illustrations that stand out, that rival the writing. After all, with a children's book words are few, so the illustrations need to be top dog (pun intended).
A few weeks ago we were sent Dog on Stilts to review and we've read it every day since. The fact that Aaron has let me read it every night already told me that he loves it as much as I do, but I didn't realise he would even tell SANTA about it:
It's a new book that was only released in November this year, so Santa had not heard of it.

Aaron loves the fact that you have to turn the landscape shaped book on it's side for tall stories (i.e. pages where the illustration is so TALL, that it spans two pages, and the book needs to be turned 90 degrees to read it). This was a real novelty that lasted quite a few reads. Now he's really taken with the standard of the story and the graphics. It's an extremely funky book. I thought the design would go over Aaron's head at 4 years of age, but no, he's clearly got discerning good taste like his Mum ;-)
I adore the message of the story, which is that the star of the book is ONLY a medium hound, and he wears stilts to get "creatures" to take notice of him. At the end of the book, his friends make clear that they love him no matter what:
It's a deep and meaningful message for children, and a much needed one too. Just like the dogs in the story, people come in every shape and colour. Aaron started his school journey this year, and I want him to be friends with all types and for him not to ever exclude anyone based on their looks, their stilts, or their lack of them.

I have currently lost my camera, so I can't take a photo of the page that is opposite the one above, but me and Aaron have great fun trying to match a dog to each of the descriptions above. The page has so many dogs featured on it, that we do indeed find one for each tag. For the "flat as a pancake" I choose the sausage dog, and so on...

It's a book that promotes questions, so it is a lovely bonding experience to read it at bedtime.

The book retails at 10.99 GBP and even has a musical version, which you can listen to for free here: Super Hairies Dog on Stilts the Musical. That way you can decide if you like the story before you buy the book. I trust you will.

Disclosure: I was sent the book for review and all words/opinions are my own (and Aaron's). We genuinely LOVE it. I remain honest and unbiased.


  1. How cute is that video! So glad Santa knows about Dog on Stilts now - hope Aaron gets his robot!

  2. Lovely! I like the message in this too x


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