Wednesday 10 December 2014

Westfield Stratford City Santa Review

As regular readers will know over a week ago we went to see Santa at Westfield Stratford City. It was definitely by far the BEST Santa experience I have had. You don't have to take my word for it. Look at the kids - my son and my two nieces:

What made it special. Well:
  • The cars that you can pay to hire, to push your tot around in. Aaron has loved these for years, but there were many tears when he grew out of the red one, but they've now introduced a higher height limit and black cars. HE WAS THRILLED. Very easy to whizz short legs around a large shopping centre when you can push them in here. He's been out of a buggy for two years, but LOVES THIS.
  • The shopping centre is so festive and the team on the concierge desk are FABULOUS. Finally they have a team equal to the word "concierge". 
  • As you will see if you've watched my video above, the experience is immersive, as Chloe commented on You Tube.
  • The personalised 4D movie you watch in a theatre is INCREDIBLY touching. The Elf shines a light on her face and narrates it. My nieces were 6 and 10, my son 4, and all three equally LOVED it.
  • The elves on duty all remain in character and totally add value to the experience which literally couldn't be better.
  • Santa is warm and genuine.
  • The room you meet him in is so traditional and realistic.
  • My heart wrenched at seeing the train circling above our heads - it just caught me as incredibly moving and judging by the video, my boy has the same taste as me.
  • The gifts are split into ages AND all individually wrapped (neither of which was the case at Harrods where we'd been only the day before) and this was fabulous as it means all three children got something different. The unwrapping is all part of it isn't it.
  • The photo packages are GREAT - we got a bauble with our photo in.
Plenty of photo opportunities there. LOVE the sleigh. Aaron's wearing his Primark Christmas shirt which I adore, and I've got me Chrimbo jumper on :-) Aaron's shirt has done three Santas now and was only a fiver! Please note, you won't be able to take pics with Santa, as you buy those. I was only allowed for the purposes of this review.
Here's some info for you:

Book tickets now to meet Santa, enjoy a new 4D film experience and all kids will receive a gift from Santa too! 
The Grotto will be open between 20th November and the 24th December 2014. Santa gets really busy, so we recommend booking in advance.
When booking we will ask for the age of the children. Please note we cannot provide gifts for children over 12 years old.
You can find Santa's Grotto located outside next to Waitrose and Stratford International Station on the Lower Ground Floor. The best car park is car park A.
You can book your tickets here until 24th December 2014: Santas Grotto Westfield Stratford.

You will note on that same link just given, you can book: Santa's Grotto AND The Hidden House AND Santa's breakfast.

Disclosure: I was provided with a 16 pounds family ticket to Santa's Grotto gratis, for an honest review. We truly loved it and all words/opinions are my own.


  1. This looks truly magical , I love your pictures

    1. Thank you. It really really was. The most magical Santa experience I have ever had. Lump in my throat and tears in my eyes start to finish x


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