Thursday 11 December 2014

Getting Pregnant Tips

Pregnancy is not something that can be diarised. You can decide in August I want to start trying now, so that I can have a Summer baby next year, but if you treat it like a critical path like that, yes you MIGHT be lucky (there are those who fall first time) but you equally might be on a hiding to nothing (well not nothing, but disappointment, or delay).

My story is that I went to a Yoga Festival July/August 2008 and I saw a Brahmin whilst there. He did my full astrological chart and seemed to know everything about me, despite not asking any questions. He knew that I did not have kids and that I'd have them later in life. He said if I wanted to get pregnant that year we would have to try before November else we'd have to wait a year. It wasn't the right timing (can't even remember why) so we did not start till the following April, and you know what, yes life did get in the way in some of those months, but we FELL in September of that year, by now 2009. I strongly believe that was due to his "waiting a year" prediction. And why so?!?! Because Aaron's soul had a particular date, a particular numerology, a particular star sign, for his arrival.

I didn't just leave his arrival in the hands of the Gods though. Oh no, I read The Fertility Diet from cover to cover, and gave up alcohol, caffeine and numerous other things. After all, I was in my late 30s. I had to assist Mother Nature.

Most women when they finally decide it’s the right time for them to have kids, want the pregnancy to happen as fast as possible. Trying to get pregnant can be an exciting moment in your life, but it is possible that it can also be very frustrating especially if it does not happen right away.

Once you start trying, you discover all of the terminology that surrounds it. The one etched in my brain is "two weeks waiting" i.e. the longest 2 weeks OF.YOUR.LIFE!!! This is the time period (oh that word PERIOD) from when you conceive (or not) to when you are due to start your period (or not). You could have been regular as clockwork since the age of 11 but now Mother Nature will tease you and have you being 2 days late just so you can THINK you are pregnant. August 2009 was thankfully the last time I got a negative, I blogged about it here but thankfully I fell a month later. Gosh between April and September I got through so many pregnany tests and they are not cheap.

However when you do fall, wow, that is a feeling that can't be doubted. I was only 2 days passed conception and I was already wiped out tired - I knew. I got symptoms STRAIGHT AWAY but probably because I am extremely in tune with my body and always have been. I was symptom spotting like a mad thing. I went to my Chinese Herbalist when I was DAYS pregnant and he said I had a slippery pulse which can be a sign of pregnancy. I was SO early on, I didn't even have a GBP (great big positive) HPT (home pregnancy test) yet. Gosh I still remember the shorthand ha ha! Anyway he turned out to be right. I am glad he told me, as we took the Harrods team out for dinner that night and I would have otherwise been tempted to have a couple of drinks, but clearly I didn't. Back then I was working for an importer and distributor and we had a concession there.

Some women who tried for months will keep wondering if there was any physical problem that was preventing them from getting pregnant. Sometimes this can simply be stress, or trying at the wrong time of the month, or ;-) the astrology not being right yet.

If you are getting worried, you do not have to panic and what you need to do is to give yourself some time. 

Unlike many other things in a woman's life, pregnancy is a situation that is very difficult to control, and trying to get pregnant is not always an easy process. 

However, there are some things you can do to make sure you get pregnant quicker according to A quote from The Fertility Diet:
There is now a huge amount of research proving vitamin B6 is great for healing all sorts of female fertility problems. In one study, women who had no periods because they had hormone imbalances were given the vitamin for three to four months and some of them started to have regular periods again. An even more amazing study showed that twelve out of fourteen women who had unexplained infertility and who were given B6 supplementation from 100 to 800 mcg daily for 6 months became pregnant - some of them had been trying for up to seven years! Progesterone levels increased in five out of the seven women whose hormone levels were measured, which may have explained why they were suddenly fertile. If you are a woman who has any kind of fertility issues, one of the first supplements you should take is vitamin B6. Birth control pills almost completely eliminate this vitamin from the body. 

One of the simplest and most important thing you can do to speed up the process is to figure out exactly when you are ovulating. 

What I can personally say about this, is it is better to make love in the days before ovulation. So for example, if you ovulate on Tuesday, making love the Sunday and Monday beforehand can get you pregnant, and personally I think it is more reliable than doing so in the days after.

I know when me and a friend did this (not with each other obviously) we both fell immediately.

You can track your ovulation by learning how to track your BBT temperature every morning, or you can take ovulation predictor kits (OPKs), which are much like a pregnancy test but tests your luteinizing hormone (LH) instead of HCG, to tell you when you are ovulating. Any or all of those methods work great, but the key is knowing when you ovulate - as if you don't time it right, you'll never fall pregnant.

Please don't take this post as medical advice. It is my opinions or those quoted.


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