Thursday 11 December 2014

So What Do You Put in a Christmas Stocking Anyway?

I've only ever used stockings as things to hang on or above the mantelpiece, but if you gift one, what stocking fillers do you actually put in it?

Well House of Fraser's Home Department kindly answered this question for me, by sending me one. Not any old velvet thing with white fluff on the top! Oh no! This is embroidered and simply divine. It's also now half price, and their website says there are only 15 left: Linea Embroidered Birds Red Stocking.

Their photo doesn't at all do it justice so let me show you mine ;-)
It's beautifully lined with linen and the embroidery is luxurious. Something you can keep for a lifetime. A real treasure:
But you want to know what was inside it don't you? Well if you followed me on Instagram you would already know as I photographed it the second I shut the door on the courier:
But here they are individually:
Christmas Cupcake Mould which is currently half price
Frosty Gift Tags reduced from 3 pounds to 1.5 GBP.
Christmas set of 3 mini diffusers reduced from 24 to 12 pounds
Enchanted Forest Candle reduced from 16 to 8 pounds
I can't link to the gorgeous water bottle I got, with a festive knitted cover as I cannot find it on their site.
I also got this Mistletoe and Berries Candle which has been reduced from 20 to 10 pounds.
Finally I received with my stocking a beautiful white and red "Merry Christmas" bauble. Given that the stocking arrived the day after I put my tree up it couldn't have been better. I worked so hard that day, unpacking all of the decs, putting them up, and tidying up. That in addition to rearranging the sitting room to accommodate the tree. So when my stocking and gifts arrived the next day, I felt like Mrs Christmas, who'd received her rewards for her efforts ha ha! or should I say ho ho ho!!!

Nothing to do with this post but whilst browsing House of Fraser's site I just noticed their Water Bobbles are only 10.99 (but reduced to 8.79!!!) and I bought mine for 12.99 each in John Lewis!!! A few months ago.

So here are pics of the contents. Excuse the photography but the lighting is not great tonight.
Still lots of time to do Christmas Shopping online. Like I said in my House of Fraser Toys Review earlier today, a package from them arrives beautifully. My toys came with money off vouchers (promotions for various things) AND a complimentary Fraser magazine. Glad to be working with them so closely, as my first job after leaving University was with them :-)

Disclosure: I was a very lucky girl and was gifted my stocking and the fillers it came with. They're all beautiful. Take a look at their home department, either instore or online. Most of what I was sent is "Linea" which is House of Fraser's own in-house brand which was launched by them in 1997.


  1. This really is a beautiful gift you're very lucky like you say! For me stockings have been used for years Santa fills them up on xmas eve :) not quite like this though our stocking fillers are all cheap and cheerful from pound stores but this would fit under my tree quite nicely! Xx

    1. Speaking of pound stores, see that pic Hannah where it is hanging on the wall? Well that is a tinfoil poster that I bought for a pound about 15 years ago. My tree looks dead classy yet I have that hung on the wall right behind it as I love it, and the classy expensive stocking is hanging right next to it. The rest of the room is very tidy and minimally festive, so I think it is okay for me to have my bit of bling kitsch going on. I know husband doesn't agree but he didn't work hard putting it all up (BUT he did get it all out of the shed for me). Thx so much for visiting and commenting xxx

  2. Oh wow! That is beautiful!
    I put stuff from the pound shops in my girls stockings too and things that are too small to put into their christmas present piles x

  3. I am thinking about doing stockings for everyone next year, I love them so much!


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