Friday 27 February 2015

Spring has Sprung in the UK February 2015

I thought that Imbolc and St Bridget's Day would herald the start of Spring and they sort of did. I have lots of blue sky photos from the days before and after. As we felt the arrival of Spring in the air there were lots of smiles as our Winter hibernation (and flu) left us.
But despite the blue skies, longer evenings and increased sunlight, February for the most part has been frrrrrrreeeezing. Finally though Spring is now in full throttle and blooming eck, so are we...

This Wednesday despite us always going straight home from school, Aaron insisted on going to the park and we were there 90 minutes. This is a pic from Wednesday's visit:
Thursday, same deal, except it was 3 hours. Do you know how late it gets dark now? The evenings have REALLY lengthened. Wow, it might seem nice indoors but it starts to get cold. We were in the park straight from school at 15:15. By the end up my hands were frozen. I didn't have gloves with me. So cold was I, I got a coffee in the petrol station on the way home by which time it was 18:15 and dark. The sun sets now at 17:48 so by the time we walked home it was pitch black. I had to stay in there to drink the first half to defrost, but we did have a blast before the evening chill set in, and you can get an insight into that in our video below.

It's quite common for us to stay in the park till dark. Because Aaron only started school this September gone, and his nursery sessions (at his last nursery) started at 13:00, we were often in the park late. It's how we roll :-)

Here you go.
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So #CountryKids we are BACK............!

I didn't get off the hook tonight either, we went back in the park for the 3rd day in a row. Thankfully Daddy was off, so I persuaded Aaron to go after an hour instead of staying there till it got dark.

Also, we're back on the bikes. In the footage above you can see Aaron's with two boys. Well he had to keep borrowing their scooter and the older brother's bike, so despite walking to and from school since Christmas, Aaron insisted on cycling to school today, so he wouldn't be caught short again.

So today, we had the bikes with us in the park, but sadly Aaron's mate did not come out to play today, but thankfully, tonight was Friday, so the playground was full of play mates, as I guess people are less concerned about bath and bedtime when there's no school tomorrow. One of them was even a school friend so Aaron was overjoyed. 

It's WONDERFUL to be back outdoors again. We've really been tucked up in the warm for quite some time - so unlike us - so happy to be participating in #CountryKids once again *waves*

In case anyone is reading this, and thinking "we continued to go to the park throughout Winter" - I totally relate. There have been Winters where we have done too. Just not this one!

But the Spring has Sprung feeling is definitely palpable, like for example, when all of the kids spilled out of class today instead of walking along the path towards the exit, in an orderly fashion with their parents, instead they all spilled onto the field. Literally like they could smell Spring in the air. Aaron went straight from his classroom today at pickup to this tree:
And then straight from there, on his bike, and to the park. I was sent Hotter Shoes, as they are sponsoring me (and a few others) for the #TeamHonkDanceathon. I wore them all day yesterday and found them not only comfortable but also springy. The springiness is unexpected as the sole is SO thin and So light but they live up to their claims. What's impressed me  the most though is how comfortable they are to cycle in. Now I know they wouldn't be for a true proper cyclist but I just do a mile and a half each way to school. It's not hardcore, but wow today it was. Muscles that have been dormant since December got a rude awakening, and it taught me I am in need of more MOVEMENT between now and the Danceathon if I am going to be able to dance for 6 hours!!! You can even watch it live on your tellybox on Sunday 8th March if you "press the red button".
The great thing about the park (as cold as it is) is that when there are other suitable playmates there, I do get chance to sit on a bench, and just breathe, as I am doing in the pic above. I hope I keep my Hotter Shoes that blue and perfect for as long as possible. This past 3 days the sky has been the same colour as them :-)

Spring's here folks:

So glad to be hooking up once again for the first time in months with #CountryKids click here for more inspiration to get outdoors:
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  1. It looks like Aaron's been having a great time getting back in the routine of play time in the park after school. It's so great to see that spring's around the corner. It's great to see that the sun setting that little bit later everyday is giving you the opportunity to stop by the park for a good play. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  2. Love your photos and sounds like you have been really enjoying getting out and about to the park and making the most of the weather starting to warm up a little. Good luck with the Danceathon :-)

  3. Love the photos of Aaron in the tree, you must both be so glad to be getting outside again :) That blue sky is gorgeous too. We've had plenty of blue skies, we just don't have the green yet (and the play parks are buried under several feet of snow!). I can't wait for spring! #countrykids


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