Saturday 28 February 2015

Let's Dish The Dirt Shall We? #NewsMumOnline

It's time for #NewsMumOnline again, and for the second time in a row, it's a blogging focus rather than a mainstream news focus, but then you did enjoy the last one right?!?!?! :-)

So, this time, it's all about dishing the dirt, because there's a lot of honking going on. Honking bodies, honking from home, and honking house cleaning. There's so much honking going on, that Mummy Bloggers have been in the Daily Fail THREE TIMES recently.

In case you've missed all or any of them, it's my job to bring you up to speed ;-)

So first up, Pippa from Story of Mum is giving some leverage to #HonkFromHome so that it's not all about that Wembley Danceathon #TeamHonkDanceathon. Pippa started #MyKidsDressedMe 

So what actually happened?
  1. First up, Pippa was inspired by Summer Bellessa with this post: I let my toddler dress me for a week here's what happened
  2. So she did this Facebook post with photographic evidence of her doing same.
  3. Due to the support it received from lovely comments from Story of Mum fans, it all kind of took off from there.
  4. Pippa tweeted and it was kind of nailed when @EmmaFreud said "brilliant idea. We need to get the whole country doing this".
  5. Then Pippa blogged about it here: Would you let your child choose what you wear for charity
  6. Then it became a thing!
  7. It went in the Cornish Man except it's a Cornish wo-Man in this instance ;-)
  8. And then it went into the Daily Fail: Cornish Mother starts global fashion craze and the rest is history. 
  9. Except the reason my blog post title of "dish the dirt" applies here, is because the Daily Fail COMMENTS are quite frankly heartless, so I have red arrowed down all the nasty ones, green arrowed up the few nice ones and commented myself. If you've read this far, can you do the same please and tip the balance in favour of nice humans? Thanks in advance!
  10. If you LOVE Comic Relief and Team Honk but can't make Wembley then you really must #HonkFromHome and what better way to do it than with #MyKidsDressedMe ;-) You'll have fun and so will your children. Plus the most important thing is that you and your friends send THE text. Your pics hashtagged with #MyKidsDressedMe may even end up on the live BBC show!!!!
Hey, they EVEN have a POSTER (which Jo designed), which couldn't be clearer. Now you know what to do:

So next #NewsMumOnline blogger story. These ladies say that they don't honk, but you can make up your own mind. See who you recognise from this Daily Fail story: Can you guess which of these women only shower once a week? I personally spy at least two well known bloggers amongst them.

Favourite *honk* quotes from the article:

I pass one of my son’s wet flannels under each armpit before giving my arms, hands, face and intimate area a cursory once over. Then I’m ready for the school run.
Tempered by:
It may sound grim, but I can assure you I don’t smell, as my husband — who has a shower every other morning — will attest.
Next honker:
But after I’ve put them to bed, I rarely bath or shower myself, despite being covered in as much mashed banana and yogurt as they are.
Tempered by:
Deodorant and dry shampoo are my saviours and my straight, dark brown hair looks the same whether I wash it or not. No one has ever said I smell, but then I work from home, so there is no one to offend. My children certainly don’t complain.
The commenters were ruthless but amongst the kinder ones was this one:
brian r, great bookham, 2 days ago
a dermatologist will tell you NOT to shower or bath every day as it depletes the covering of natural oils that help defend the skin from the weather
So perhaps these ladies can also #HonkFromHome or perhaps they already are ;-) *jokes*.

Third up and finally, how clean is YOUR house. Mine is quite nice thank you very much, but then that wasn't always the case. At one point I stopped hoovering and stopped tidying because for a couple of years, as a toddler, Aaron was JUST LIKE THIS.
If only I had the good sense and foresight to video Aaron being like that, except I was too frazzled and frustrated by it. It meant I couldn't have people over and often meant I escaped the house to stop having to look at it. 5 million people have watched the above You Tube video, but FIFTY million have watched it on Facebook, according to the Dail Fail (yes this blog post is three times over Daily Fail focused, #SorryNotSorry). The Daily Mail article is here: Why Mums Really Never Get Anything Done. I hate though that they don't use the You Tube video! (1) it meant it took me AGES to find it and (2) it means people don't click through and increase her views, which seems mean of the Mail considering they are benefiting in page views from HER story so surely they should reciprocate. Or tell me, am I wrong? Can YOU navigate to her or her video from that article? I couldn't! Nor to her Facebook page.............

Anyway, this bringeths the end of this #NewsMumOnline article. If you have enjoyed it, you can thank me by sponsoring me. After all I too will HONK after dancing for 6 hours in the #TeamHonkDanceathon in Wembley on Sunday 8th March.


  1. Great post! We really need to get our honking transport organised though don't we??

  2. Great post. I love knowing what's going but seem to have got stuck in a very small circle of bloggers. So thanks for this. Btw, I too commented on the DM (DF?) piece about showering. I said, LOL 2,000 people have just described their personal hygiene routine online. Too much information folks! (And I'm dying to know who the two bloggers in the article - I didn't know them.)

  3. Thank you so much - not sure if my previous comment came through so trying again...! I had some fab advice and virtual hugs from Amy Beeson which helped a lot (along with Tracy from The Bear and Miss Rabbit, she was also pivotal in making #mykidsdressedme happen) and I haven't been back to look since, so am now feeling pretty positive about it all now - hopefully raising the profile of the campaign and raising more money! Great to hear of all the other stuff happening soon - and looking forward to seeing you on the dancefloor soon! xx

  4. I LOVE this feature of yours and am already excited about it as a series! Brilliant and thank you :)


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