Monday 2 March 2015

Last Week in Photos. My Project 365

I am behind in uploading my photos and blog post for project 365. But here I am!

Top left is Sunday 22nd February. Aaron is sat on his Godmother's knee and totally radiant. Good times!

Monday, was inset day. After a restful busy fun week for half term it was SO nice not to have a rude awakening Monday morning, and start back, instead, to school on Tuesday morning. So Monday night we had a family evening out, which included a visit to Krispy Creme, where Daddy and I (as part of a dozen box) sampled the below NEW Reese's doughnuts. I must say out of the 12, I ate about 8, and the Reese's one was the only one that blew me away. If you like peanut flavoured things, you HAVE to try one.

Daddy also bought Aaron a Mario game for my old Nintendo Wii, which he absolutely adores, so he now has about an hour a day on that. VERY handy in the morning to keep him entertained while I am in the shower (speaking of showers, did you read my honk blog post)?

I am talking rubbish about not getting a rude awakening Monday morning, as my new Fridge Freezer from appliance online arrived at 7 a.m. Monday, BUT because it wasn't a school day, I went back to bed till nearly 11 (I know! I know!). So Tuesday's photo is the front of the fridge already covered with pictures of Aaron attached by fridge magnets. The SIDE of the fridge has even more! No, the hubby doesn't agree, and would prefer minimalist but I am taking the line "my fridge my rules!"

Wednesday Thursday and Friday the sky was PURE blue so we were in the park every day after school, so the hair pic below is Wednesday and the lovely blue shoes pic is Thursday (their Star Shoes in Turquoise were sent to me by Hotter Shoes for me to dance in for the #TeamHonkDanceathon). They've EVEN sponsored me too!

Friday's pic is after school. Aaron was explaining to me how they are not allowed to talk in assembly, so he sat at a picnic table in the playground to demonstrate. He's sat cross legged as they do, and has an exaggerated closed mouth - ha!

Saturday's pic is very ironic, because Saturday I blogged #NewsMumOnline where I said Aaron is now old enough that he does not untidy as I tidy. Within minutes of me hitting publish on that post, he covered the stairs in lego. That's what they call "pride before a fall". LITERALLY, as the lego box did indeed fall as Aaron tried (without asking for help) to carry it down the stairs and failed - eeeek!
So that's our week in pictures.  Other bloggers linked up can be found here, by clicking this 365 button:
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  1. Reese's is my favourite ever, I REALLY need to try this Krispy Kreme! #project365


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