Sunday 19 April 2015

Going on a Walking Adventure Ends up a Hiking Adventure

Now the sun is out to play, Aaron and I are back in the great outdoors. I don't drive, so when Daddy is at work, it means A LOT of time on my feet. We walk for miles sometimes and have done since he was born - I don't know HOW my buggy lasted through all the many long adventures it went on. All the walking keeps him slim. He has bucket loads of energy and stamina. I'm really not sure where my *coughs* healthy figure comes from, given the miles I walk. Clearly I need to change my diet, but I know this...

I've had what I thought was gout for the past year, and I have now had it confirmed by about 4 different people that it is definitely plantar fasciitis. I got flip flops the other day, the German cork soled ones... you know the ones that begin with B. They are great and don't seem to aggravate my bad foot at all. BUT they have given me a blister on my bunion.

But when Aaron goes off the beaten path (i.e. hiking) as he did just yesterday in the picture you see above, Mummy can't really follow him in these (below)... and given we have an upcoming trip to Wales, it is time to look for the correct walking attire. Looks like I can stay "in the pink" AND these are affordable:
Hiking ladies boots for under 50 pounds
I don't want to miss out on great views just because my footwear isn't safe enough or practical enough to get to great heights. Views like this are worth hiking for. Another pic from yesterday:
Yesterday, he had as much fun climbing on the rocks as he did playing in the playground adjacent to it. Would have loved to follow him up here but I am not really steady on my feet, even more so in incorrect footwear so I watched. But watching him happy and free range is a complete joy!
The thing I love about hiking boots is the ankle support that they provide, which I am really lacking at the moment. Having plantar fasciitis and walking cautiously and tentatively for a year has made my ankles really really weak! The above Jack Wolfskin ones seem good and high too - just what I need, and they stop just before my fat calves start ha ha!

Great thing about ordering these hiking boots from Cotswold Outdoor is:
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If money was no object though, I would get these Salomon Women's Comet 3D Hiking Boots. Having worked in footwear for 6 years, I know firsthand how necessary it is to have Gore-tex when walking in the British climate! Breathable but guaranteed to keep you dry!

And of course you CAN go trekking in sandals - such as these Jack Wolfskins - as long as you have the right support - the sort of sandal that can be adjusted in three places: heel, ankle and toes. That means you can jog along, without any slippage. Great security for 360 degree movements.

Hopefully, with the right footwear I can keep up with Aaron and he won't be a dot in the distance like this:
Do you go on long walks trekking, hiking or trailing? What do you wear?

I am sure the road ahead contains lots of adventures for Aaron and I, given the pace at which he attacks life. I want to be right there by his side for all of it
And that means losing some weight and getting fit, just as much as wearing the right thing on my feet!

Bye for now, Liska xxx

Collaboration with Cotswold Outdoor.

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  1. What a wonderful resourceful post. I swear by Timberlands but they're more expensive than these so will check them out next time! Fabulous photos as usual and I do hope you enjoy your hol xx


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