Friday 17 April 2015

Ten Reasons to Go To Weston Super Mare seafront!

I am going to list below 
you really MUST 
go to 
Weston Super Mare. 

After reading them you can even watch this short 10 minute 
edited soundtracked video 
Vlog of our day :-)

1. It may not be the most golden of sands, but it is not a pebbly beach. Hoorrahh! At low tide it can be muddy but that's only near the water. I adore the sand! Even when the sand is dark/wet it's all the better to make sandcastles with and yes it sticks to you, but as soon as dry, falls off just the same as the white/golden stuff. Ignore the reviews that speak of mud - near the road it's as lovely as this even at low tide so dive right in like my Aaron:
2. The Land Train along the sea front is wonderful. I made a video of our trip on it this Thursday. It goes at a decent speed and provides a quick pleasant way of seeing some views. It enabled Aaron to spot the playground which we'd never otherwise have found as we hadn't planned on walking down that way.
3. The Grand Pier is fab. This is my friend Jane's video of her 11 year old's birthday party there:
4. The Weston Wheel is fab. I will be uploading a You Tube vid in the coming days! Yes the capsules are open, but the railings are good and high. You get to really enjoy the weather and the views on a sunny day. Also love the music they play on it. If you hate that feeling where your stomach rises as a ride descends, you don't actually experience that on the Wheel, which is GREAT as I hate that too. Literally cannot bear it. The Wheel goes at a good pace without that happening - thanks be to God!
5. We've been twice now and Aaron just ADORES the donkeys namely Jake, Paddy and Sandy :-) A ride down the beach and back up is a very reasonable 2 pounds!
6. There is a Premier Inn right on the sea front (they're one of my favourite hotels). Love their consistently high standards throughout the chain. I haven't yet stayed at that one though but we saw it from the Wheel (as you will hear when I finally edit and upload the footage).

7. There is a fabulous adventure playground with a water park (splash pad) on the seafront. It's 1.50 pounds to get in but free till 1st May. It's well worth a visit
8. It's a beach that is largely unspoilt. You feel as if you are being transported back to the 1960s (in a good way). It doesn't have the franticness of Brighton and the prices are way more reasonable!
9. There is currently a fab sand sculpture on, which is very affordable to access.
10. The best bit of Weston Super Mare is it doesn't get insanely busy like other beaches. Yes I took these pics in April (including the one below) but there is truly a slower pace of life in Weston that will chill you out and lower your blood pressure in a way that Brighton cannot (maybe my personal opinion) but you can't beat a holiday in the West Country to chill you out. Look at the speed at which a local says Brighton compared to the speed at which a local says Somerset. Says it all really ;-)
A lot of regeneration has taken place at Weston Super Mare including rebuilding the Grand Pier which was sadly burned down in 2008, and reopened in 2010, so it is spotless. We love the carousel (think horses like Mary Poppins style, on a merry go round - just opposite the entrance to the Grand Pier), which we went to last Summer, but sadly it wasn't open on our recent visit of Thursday 16th April.

When we stay at home, Aaron often makes me want to climb the walls, but at Weston, HE was climbing the walls. I'd say that ranked as one of his favourite parts of the day:
If you are within driving distance go on a day trip and if not, stay for a few days/a weekend. You won't regret it. I love the old fashioned cafe on the seafront where you can get a plate of chips for a pound. Told you it wasn't Brighton!!!!

Our trip to Weston made us very happy indeed
Liska xxx


  1. What a lovely post and thank you so much for featuring my video. We love that splash park and across the road a little farther up is a sheltered beach with the marine lake which is popular with families.

    1. Oh we haven't tried that, but tis a great reason for us to go again :-) xxx

  2. It's lovely to see that seafront is such detail - especially in your video. Brighton is a bit pricey tbh - and very commerialised - this is charming :) Splendid pics, as ever x


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