Tuesday 12 May 2015

See You At BritMums Live 2015 #BritMumsLive

See you at BritMums Live 2015. Hoorrraahhh! I'm finally joining up with the Who's Going Linky

So diving straight in with the answers to the questions and a link to my posts about previous BritMums Lives:

Name: Liska
Blog: er, this one! NewMumOnline.co.uk
Twitter ID@NewMumOnline
Height: 5 foot 6
Hair: Long, straight, dark brown.
Eyes: brown

Is this your first blogging conference?
No, I first went to the second year of Cybermummy in 2011, in the Brewery. I then went to the next three BritMums Lives in a row, also at The Brewery (great venue).
2013 BritMums Live blog posts:
2014 BritMums Live blog post - Breakdown and Breakthrough at BritMums Live 2014

Are you attending both days?
Of course!

What are you most looking forward to at BritMums Live 2015?
I always love the excitement the most.  The run up to it, as much as the event itself, and catching up with people you sometimes only see once a year.

What are you wearing? 
No idea yet but it may well be this playsuit outfit, for one of the days. For the other day, who knows... I know last year when I wore a floral outfit one day, I felt very self conscious as it made me look larger, and I knew it, but it was a very special Summer Solstice last year, so sisterhood of the rose style I was wearing an outfit covered in roses.

What do you hope to gain from BritMums Live 2015?
I hope to learn something. Blogging since 2008, I know the basics, but it is often a passing comment that a speaker makes, that is what stays with me. I really hope to get lots out of the You Tube session.

Do you have any tips to pass on to others who may not have been before?
  1. Yes, enjoy it. So catch up on your sleep before you go. Put your best foot forward, paste on that smile, and get the most out of it.
  2. Make sure you make a list of people you'd like to meet. Tweet them and make it happen. Don't have regrets. 
  3. There are butterflies on hand to ease your nerves. We'll be there on arrival to greet you. Here's my "Hello to you" on that score (filmed last year)
  4. Most people go for dinner on the Friday night. This works well when arranged in advance and is a great way to ensure you catch up with people.
  5. If you are lonely and you didn't arrange to meet anyone, don't leave the conference, just pop to the loo. You ALWAYS get chatting to someone fun in there. Even the keynote speakers relax and have a giggle in there. Just like in a nightclub, the loos are a fab place to connect.
  6. You'll see lots of glamour. Hair, makeup and heels. But sometimes, you actually feel more comfortable if you are more relaxed. Don't wear shoes that'll give you a blister. I did that one year and regretted it. It's also a good idea to wear something you've worn before, so that you know you're comfortable in it.
  7. If you want one glamour day, it doesn't have to be both. I found last year that a lot of people dressed up on Friday (due to dinner and the Bibs) and then relaxed on Saturday. It's NOT out of the question to wear jeans.
  8. There is a charging table at the back of the main hall, which I have used every year to charge my camera and phone, but with today's technology it is good to have one of those battery pack thingies.
  9. Tweeting pics during the event works really well, as everyone at home wants to have a virtual experience of the day.
  10. You'll be wiped out the day after, so although Daddy may have had the babies for 2 days, pre-warn him you might not be ready to do it all by yourself on the Sunday, so perhaps have Grandma or a best mate on standby for the Sunday. A PJ day is what this Doc would suggest for that day (not that I have any medical training, but I just know how I am on the Sunday every year).
  11. After the event, you will want to blog about it, so make space in your schedule to do so.
  12. If you Vlog too.......... well it all gets a bit time consuming, so block out your diary.

I'd LOVE you to watch my recording of the Bibs from last year. I only uploaded it the other day (totally forgot to last year and only noticed now due to the file size). It really gives you a flavour of the event:

See you there, not long now

Liska xxx


  1. So lovely to see you on your vlog. I REALLY want to go but not sure if it's going to happen. Look and sounds amazing. Bet you will look beautiful in your playsuit. Xxx

    1. I hope you get to come and that I get to meet you. If not, I will bump into you online. Good luck with Wellbeing Wednesday xx

  2. Look forward to seeing you Liska, it has been a long time, probably last BritMums Live and seeing as I was moderating a room last time I was so busy! Mich x

  3. Look forward to seeing you Liska, it has been a long time, probably last BritMums Live and seeing as I was moderating a room last time I was so busy! Mich x

  4. loved the little recap from last year's ceremony! Eeek so exciting!

  5. It is those passing comments that boost me for another year of blogging too. Can you see me giving you a huge hug through the pc screen already? See you there lovely xxx

  6. We HAVE to meet up this year for a proper chat!! Perhaps we can create some time and space to do something for the solstice too, as it's around that time again?! Cannot wait xx

  7. Great tips there Liska and really looking forward to working with you again. Love your vlog! X


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