Friday 18 September 2015

21 Weeks Pregnant Update

The ONLY pregnancy book I have (apart from yoga/spiritual ones) is What To Expect When You're Expecting and what a great book it is too.

I walked up and down the hill on Wednesday, to fetch a pail of water to get some food staples. First problem, I felt BREATHLESS on the way and hubby even noticed when I phoned him half way up the hill. Second problem was as I carried the shopping down the hill and although it was light I could feel a pulling internally, left and right, kind of where the ovaries are.

Fast forward to yesterday and I finally remembered that I religiously read What to Expect When You're Expecting when I was pregnant with Aaron so I dug it out to have it by my side once again.

It was so reassuring to read I can't tell you! Should have got it out weeks ago. Lovely to know that feeling breathless is NATURAL and NORMAL and that it is okay that I take breaks when doing heavy going housework.

I am sure from my previous blog post you can work out which of the three bump types I have.

When I was 12 weeks I already had a well established bump and it was sticking out from immediately below the breast. My Aunt who is a Midwife in Ireland said this should only be the case circa 30 weeks and I was concerned. I convinced myself my bump and uterus were high as I was having twins, but both the 12 and 20 week scans have ruled this out.

Anyway, seeing this sketch and knowing that bumps vary and that MY bump is within the boundaries of those variations, yes, it's very reassuring.


As a result of carrying that shopping Wednesday, the next day on the school run Thursday morning I had a lot of pain in the sides of my bump, at the bottom and I was very alarmed. I had to take pigeon steps for the 25 minute walk to school and was so very glad we'd left 10 minutes earlier than we used to. Reading the "phsically" bit for 21 weeks, pictured: "achiness in the lower abdomen and along the sides (from stretching of the ligaments supporting the uterus)" can occur now, again reassures me! Reassures me no end. Our midwife clinic is in our school and I nearly had myself heading in there demanding an appointment Thursday morning but thankfully although I am a worrier and can be known to panic, I am equally good at steadying myself up. It passed and later reading the book calmed my mind.

Of course the best thing about these books is knowing the size of baby and the book tells me s/he is now the size of a large banana.

But that can't compete with how stunning the wee baby's profile is.

I just adore our 20 week scan pic.
My 20 week scan was done on literally the DAY I turned 20 weeks, which happens on a Wednesday.

Find out if we found out! Girl or boy?!?!?!?


  1. I never had those books it looks really good I wish I had them. Pregnancy isn't easy it! Full of things to worry yourself over! I'll watch the video later and common on you tube I wonder if you found out!? Xx

  2. I love that book too and it really is reassuring. So come on Liska and tell - is it a girl? Mich x

  3. Your scan pic is absolutely adorable! So glad to see you have some reassurance from your book. I found regular osteopathy really helpful in keeping me comfortable and am sure it contributed to two straightforward births with my boys. Am very excited about this baby and it's lovely you are keeping us informed, thank you xxx


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