Friday 23 October 2015

10 Reasons for a New Mum to be To Go To The Baby Show

I went to The Baby Show today in Kensington Olympia and I can't begin to tell you how good it was. I'll do a detailed post (including video footage) in due course, but for now, I just wanted to give you a heads up of 10 reasons you should go, so that you can get the chance to go Saturday or Sunday, this weekend.
  1. Some products LAUNCH there so this is the only place right now that you'll see those things. I was particularly impressed with the HushCush breastfeeding pillow (it's portable and very unique) and spent ages on their stand, even pretending to breastfeed. I filmed video footage of the creator speaking passionately about her invention (which I'll upload in the coming days).
  2. Another product launched there today was Sit and Sigh, which I could really have done with when working full time, pregnant with Aaron. Work had to buy me a new chair as being pregnant made my cocyx hurt but this product alleviates that, a problem that sometimes stays with you long after pregnancy. Their strapline is "comfy bum happy baby" and it's so true, especially with an office job where you're in that chair all day.
  3. Bumpkins Babies are taking free photos at the show and give you a copy there and then to take away. In addition to that, if you pay £10, you get to attend a photo shoot from which you'll receive a free framed photo, so I booked this for 2016, so we could get a pic of our new family of four. I adore the pics they took of Aaron and I today.
4. There is an amazing Creche at The Baby Show, which takes little ones, free of charge for up to 90 minutes. Aaron just snuck in at 5 years of age. He went in the morning and I collected him for lunch. The team loved him so much they allowed him to return in the afternoon for 90 minutes once again, which means I got to visit the whole show in its entirety which was really appreciated. Big thanks to the AMAZING Bliss Childcare team and to Aaron for being such a pleasant good boy that Mummy could be ever so proud of.
5. A big thank you to the lovely lady at Tiny Love for talking me through this amazing product. I didn't realise it was this company who invented the play matt concept and what a good one it is too. This is now a must have for my new baby girl:
6. My favourite product at The Baby Show has to be the SnuggleBundl. Oh my goodness this would have been a lifesaver with Aaron. You can lift baby out of their car seat, leaving it in the car....... and after a C-section (last time and this time) that's exactly what I need to do. It's just simply too heavy. I was fascinated by the attention to detail on the finishing of this product and fell in love with the red one. I really ought to have videoed the demo, just to show you how truly amazing this product really is. I was in awe of it, and not being a first-time Mum, I know only too well just how many problems it solves:
 7. The food in the Orchard Food Market is just divine if you would like a hot meal rather than just a pastry. I had a jacket SWEET potato and Aaron had tuna mayo with rice. We both loved our lunch. Don't settle for just a pastry.
8. You can visit some of your alltime favourite brands whilst there at The Baby Show, all under one roof. So I visited Pregnacare, as I swear by their supplements for both pregnancies and was delighted to take a stock up haul away today. I spent time talking with the Gro Bag Company, Joolz buggies, Stokke and of course Tommee Tippee.
9. Being at the Baby Show means you get to spend a day totally indulging in your bump, but if you (a) don't have a buggy yet or (b) bump's sibling has grown out of their buggy, as with Aaron, then carrying around your shopping and samples gets tough on the expectant Mum, so three tips: (1) Put anything heavy in the FREE Emma's Diary cloakroom at the rear of the show (2) bring a trolley dolly or wheelie case to cart things around in and get them home (3) have someone with you who's not pregnant, who can help take the load of. Oh and stay hydrated. I did and it really helped.
10. You think you know it all after having one baby, but the Baby Show, with its innovative products REALLY widens your horizons and shows you everything baby related including things not (yet) stocked in the shops, or you simply haven't heard of. Thanks to attendance at the show, I discovered We Made Me, who I think will be my WRAP OF CHOICE for my new little girl (sorry Moby Wrap - which I used for Aaron). You'll see why I love the wrap once I get round to uploading the film I took of a demo of the wrap being tied over a doll baby - I'm hooked!
I fell in love with the products from Little Saints. Just look at this modern take on the Stokke chair. It's designed by the same designer. The Stokke chair was designed by him 40 years ago for a child. This is the new equivalent now designed with a new spin, for his Grandchild. I was totally hooked and you'll get at least 15 years out of it:
It's funny, I had a way better Baby Show than February, but took way fewer photos. I think I was just simply having way too good a time. So I had to really really love a brand to even think of getting the camera out. Oh and being 26 weeks pregnant and wearing heels for the first time in 7 months (I've been in Birkenstocks every day till Thursday this week i.e. yesterday) I was exhausted. Thank God once again for the Creche!!!!

That's all for now - tired Mummy here.

Liska xxx


  1. It was so lovely to see you and it sounds like you had a great time. I bought far more than I expected to!

  2. Oh no I missed you.
    I should have known you'd have been there - I feel like I haven't seen you in ages :(
    Glad you had a great time :D
    Charlotte x

  3. Perfect for you. Am enjoying watching your bump grow and you bloom! X


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